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Minnesota RØKKR

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Minnesota RØKKR
Minnesota RØKKRlogo square.png
Team Information
LocationUnited States
Owner(s)WISE Ventures
Coach(es)Brian "Saint" Baroska
Current AffiliationsMN Vikings
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Minnesota RØKKR is the official CDL Franchise team of Minnesota.


Minnesota RØKKR was officially announced on July 1st. Team is owned and operated by WISE Ventures which is led by the Wilff family, who are the owners of the Minnesota Vikings NFL Team and Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia.


  • 2019
  • July 1st, Team is announced. [1]
  • Aug 9th, Team announced Ashley MiDNiTE Glassel as a content creator and consultant. [2]
  • Sept 20th, SiLLY, Assault, and GodRx join as players, and Saint joins as Head Coach.[3]
  • Oct 10th, Alexx joins as a player. [4]
  • Oct 25th, Asim [5], Exceed[6] and TTinyy[7] join the team as players and REPPIN joins as an analyst.[8]
  • Oct 29th, team reveals branding and logo.[9]

Player Roster

  • Active
  • Former
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
Sep 2019 United Kingdom Alexx Alex Carpenter
Sep 2019 Canada Asim Obaid Asim
Sep 2019 USA Assault Adam Garcia
Oct 2019 USA Exceed Kaden Stockdale
Oct 2019 USA GodRx Adam Brown
Oct 2019 USA SiLLY Justin Fargo
Oct 2019 USA TTinyy Devin Robinson
Date Left Player Role New Team


  • Active
  • Former
Real Name IGN Position
USA Brett Diamond [[]] COO
USA Annie Scott Riley [[]] Vice President
USA Jacob Trobaugh REPPIN Analyst
USA Brian Baroska Saintt Head Coach
USA Ashley Glassel MiDNiTE Content Creator
Real Name New Team Position



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