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Midnight Esports

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Midnight Esports
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Team Information
LocationUnited States
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Midnight Esports is an esports organization that was founded in November of 2018.


  • 2019
  • 2018

Player Roster


Date Joined Player Real Name Role
2019/06/20   Royalty Mathew Faithfull Player
2019/06/20   Frosty Bradley Bergstrom Player
2019/06/20   Zaptius Alex Bonilla Player
2018/12/26   LlamaGod Devin Tran Player
2018/04/23   Saint Brian Baroska Coach
2019/03/08   [[]]


Date Left Player Role New Team
2019/08/16   Parasite Player
2019/06/20   Blazt Player   UYU
2019/06/20   Lacefield Player   eLv
2019/06/20   Saints Player   UYU
2019/06/20   GorgoKnight Player
2018/03/08   Envoy Player   GEN
2018/12/26   Charullz Player
2018/12/26   GodFormz Player
2018/12/26   Performal Player
2018/12/26   Remedy Player