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Meltdown Paris

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Meltdown Paris
League Information
CountryFr.png France  [[Category:Unrecognised Country||Fr.png France]]

Meltdown Paris took place on the 19th of April 2015.

Prize Pool

Place Team Roster
011st 1st FaZe Fr.png FaZe France Fr.png ZylewR - Fr.png Malls - Fr.png Vortex - Fr.png Zeroo
022nd 2nd HyperGames.png HyperGames Fr.png mAxxie - Fr.png TonyJ's - Fr.png Veziok - Fr.png RiskiN
033rd 3rd Pulse.png Pulse Fr.png Kkobra - Fr.png PasTeeK - Fr.png KammyZ - Fr.png Zyde
044th 4th Infamous.png InFamouS Fr.png Telo - Fr.png Zayrox - Fr.png ZeeK - Fr.png WizR


HyperGames.png HyperGames
Region Alias Name
France mAxxie Maxime Ebran
France TonyJ's Cédric Ruault
France Veziok Quentin Seury
France RiskiN Clément Hattée
Pulse.png Pulse
Region Alias Name
France KKobra Alexis A.
France PasTeeK Florian M.
France KammyZ Rémi
France Zyde Léo
Infamous.png InFamouS
Region Alias Name
France Telo Andy B.
France WizR Rémi L.
France Zayrox Arthur C.
France ZeeK Ryan L.
FaZe Fr.png FaZe France
Region Alias Name
France ZylewR Julien Louis
France Malls Eddy Malls
France Vortex Brandon G
France Zeroo Valentin Langlet


  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  HyperGames.png HyperGames 3
  FaZe Fr.png FaZe France 1
  HyperGames.png HyperGames 3
  Pulse.png Pulse 1
  Pulse.png Pulse 3
  Infamous.png InFamouS 2
  HyperGames.png HyperGames 0 1
  FaZe Fr.png FaZe France 3 3
Loser's bracket
  Pulse.png Pulse 1
  FaZe Fr.png FaZe France 3
  FaZe Fr.png FaZe France 3
  Infamous.png InFamouS 1