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MLG Pro League/CoD AW/Season 2/Qualifiers/Open Qualifier

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Open Qualifier for CoD Pro League Relegation


  • Dates: February 9th & 10th
  • Format: Single Elimination Bracket
  • Teams: 22 Teams
  • Matches: Best of 3 Games, Best of 5 Final
  • Only 1st Place Team Qualifies for Relegation Tournament
  • Eligibility: NA Players Only, Players with any number of Pro Points Ranking are eligible


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  FaZe Blacklogo std.png FaZe Black 2
  Vengeance 0
  FaZe Blacklogo std.png FaZe Black 2
  xoxo G0SSIP GIRL 1
  xoxo G0SSIP GIRL 2
  EcHo Gaminglogo std.png EcHo Gaming 1
  FaZe Blacklogo std.png FaZe Black 1
  Team Revengelogo std.png Team Revenge 2
  Team Revengelogo std.png Team Revenge 2
  XGN Competitivelogo std.png XGN Competitive 0
  Team Revengelogo std.png Team Revenge 2
  ISolation eSportslogo std.png iSolation eSports 0
  FBA 0
  ISolation eSportslogo std.png iSolation eSports 2
  Team Revengelogo std.png Team Revenge 3
  Strictly Businesslogo std.png Strictly Business 0
  Stunner Gaminglogo std.png Stunner Gaming 2
  Team FeaRlogo std.png Team FeaR 0
  Stunner Gaminglogo std.png Stunner Gaming 1
  TIC.png The Impact Capital 2
  TIC.png The Impact Capital 2
  Team Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit NA 1
  TIC.png The Impact Capital 0
  Strictly Businesslogo std.png Strictly Business 2
  Dream Teamlogo std.png Dream Team 2
  Below Zerologo std.png Below Zero 1
  Dream Teamlogo std.png Dream Team 0
  Strictly Businesslogo std.png Strictly Business 2
  Fly Society 0
  Strictly Businesslogo std.png Strictly Business 2
Please note: This is simply the final 16 teams in the bracket. The complete bracket can be found here.

Final Placing

Place Team Roster
011st 1st Team Revengelogo std.png Team Revenge USA.png Remy - USA.png Nagafen - USA.png Faccento - USA.png AquA