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MLG GameBattles/2000 Series/North America/2017-04-30

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MLG GameBattles 2K Series NA 2017-04-30
League Information



  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 5 Series

Game Types and Maps

  • Hardpoint: Breakout, Retaliation, Scorch, Throwback
  • Search and Destroy: Crusher, Retaliation, Scorch, Throwback
  • Uplink: Frost, Precinct, Throwback

Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Pro Points Team
011st 1st $2000 2,000 MWlogo std.png Most Wanted
022nd 2nd $1000 1,200 Logo std2.png 2k Series 04-30
043rd-4th 3rd-4th 800 Logo std2.png Killin’
Logo std2.png King Papeyy
5th-8th 600 Logo std2.png Lethal 2kssss
TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber
Logo std2.png ALG
Logo std2.png Gorilla
9th-16th 400 Logo std2.png Snake Warfare
Lethallogo std.png Lethal Gaming
Logo std2.png 2kkkk
Logo std2.png Taking Your O
Logo std2.png GuuuRRRRuuuSSSS
Logo std2.png FinalF
Logo std2.png Unleash the S
Logo std2.png Inside my DNA
17th-32nd 200 Logo std2.png We don’t have PPs
Logo std2.png Did it Again
Logo std2.png Super Darkness
Logo std2.png 3KG 2K 4/30
Logo std2.png TwoKay
Logo std2.png Peanut Butter
Logo std2.png Anaheim 2016
Logo std2.png STAA 4/30
Logo std2.png Hydra
Pndalogo std.png Pnda Gaming
Logo std2.png spaooooooooooo
Logo std2.png 3rd round cho
Logo std2.png Scheme team
Logo std2.png Render eSports
Projekt Evillogo std.png Projekt Evil
Logo std2.png TYD Returns

Top 8 Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Most Wanted
USA Priest
USA Mosh
USA ProFeeZy
2k Series 04-30
USA ColeChan
USA Methodz
USA Pandur
Canada Dashy
USA MysticaL
USA GofFormz
USA Gorgy
King Papeyy
USA Maux
USA Parasite
Canada Royalty
Canada Xotic
Lethal 2kssss
USA Instinctz
USA Storied
USA Teddy
USA Ramby
Team Kaliber
USA Theory
USA Happy
Canada Goonjar
USA Accuracy
USA SinfuL
USA Nova
USA Believe
Canada Mayhem
Brazil Caio
Brazil Lebot
Brazil Krevz
Brazil Lebot