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MLG GameBattles/2000 Series/Asia-Pacific/2017-07-02

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MLG GameBattles 2K Series Asia Pacific 2017-07-02
League Information



Game Types and Maps

Search and Destroy: Crusher, Retaliation, Breakout, Throwback

Hardpoint: Breakout, Retaliation, Scorch, Throwback

Uplink: Frost, Precinct, Throwback

Prize Pool

$3,000 will spread among the top 2 teams

Place Prize (USD) Pro Points Team
011st 1st $375 2,000 Taintedlogo std.png Tainted Minds
022nd 2nd $170 1,200 Logo std2.png SYF 07-02
043rd-4th 3rd-4th 800 Logo std2.png THRONE 02-07
Taboologo std.png TabooESC
5th-8th 600 Logo std2.png Validate 07-0
Logo std2.png Sleeper Gami
Logo std2.png Frontline 2/7
Logo std2.png troll team ta
9th-16th 400 Logo std2.png troll team ta
Logo std2.png Victrix LCQ
Logo std2.png Deleted OG
Logo std2.png Here for a gu
Logo std2.png LF Org
Logo std2.png Mr Rooney
Logo std2.png Big Nick Gami
Logo std2.png Frontline Pin
17th-20th 200 Logo std2.png MINDFREAK.BLA
Logo std2.png SouthEnd ESC
Logo std2.png Ten Toes Down
Logo std2.png Co&Co
Logo std2.png UniQue~Gaming

Top 8 Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Australia Chilean_10
Australia JayTex_
Australia Rivalm8
Australia Zeuss_49