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MLG Columbus 2014

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MLG Columbus 2014
MLG Columbus Open 2014.png
League Information
OrganizerMLG.png Major League Gaming

The MLG Columbus Open is the first Major LAN event for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Which took place in Columbus, Ohio from November 28th-30th. The event served as a qualifying tournament for Season 1 of the MLG Pro League. The top 4 placing teams that did not already have a secured spot from placing top 8 in the previous season, will receive invites to Season 1 of the Advanced Warfare League.



  • A maximum of 128 teams will play in the Open
    • Top 4 will advance to Pool Play
    • Next 4(5th-8th) will be placed in the Championship Losers Bracket Round 1
  • A total of 20 teams will compete in Pool Play
    • 16 will come from the top 16 teams in Pro Points as of 11/21
    • The last 4 will come from the Open Bracket
  • Advancing out of Pool Play will be as follows:
    • Top 2 in each pool go to Championship Winners Bracket Quarterfinals
    • 3rd place in each pool goes to Championship Losers Bracket Round 3
    • 4th place in each pool goes to Championship Losers Bracket Round 2
    • 5th place in each pool goes to Championship Losers Bracket Round 1
  • Each game in Pool Play will be a Best of 5
    • Hardpoint will be game 1
    • Search & Destroy will be games 2 & 5
    • Capture the Flag and Uplink will alternate for game between 3 & 4
  • In the Championship Game:
    • The team coming from the Winner's Bracket will need to win 1 to be crowned champion.
    • The team coming from the Loser's Bracket will need to win 2 to be crowned champion.

Game Modes

Map Uplink Search and Destroy Hardpoint Capture the Flag
Ascend GreenCheck.png
Bio Lab GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Comeback GreenCheck.png
Detroit GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Recovery GreenCheck.png
Riot GreenCheck.png
Solar GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Terrace GreenCheck.png
Retreat GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png


The on-air personalities confirmed for this event include Chris Puckett, Clint Maven Forest, Ben Benson Bowe, Matt MrX Morello, Jarrett Duffman Duff, and Jack Courage Dunlop.

Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
011st 1st $10,000 FaZelogo std.png FaZe Clan CensorApathyACHESSlasheR
022nd 2nd $6,000 OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming NaDeSHoTScumpFormaLCrimsix
033rd 3rd $4,000 Prophlogo std.png Prophecy ParasiteRickyLegaLFEARS
044th 4th $2,000 TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber SharpTheoryLoonyGoonjar
5th-6th $1,000 NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs MerKNameLeSsJKapClayster
DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports ZooMaaReplaysSaintsAttach
7th-8th $500 ONlogo std.png OpTic Nation MBoZeProoFyTeePeeKarma
Juslogo std.png Team JusTus ClassicSlackedEnableMochila


The following are the teams that will compete in the Season 3 Championship Playoffs. These 8 teams qualified by placing top 8 in the MLG Season 3 League.

Group A
OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber Prophlogo std.png Prophecy ESPORTlogo std.png Team ESPORT Noblelogo std.png Noble eSports
Group B
Juslogo std.png Team JusTus Riselogo std.png Rise Nation ONlogo std.png OpTic Nation ARlogo std.png Automatic Reload Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit
Group C
DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports FaZelogo std.png FaZe Clan STNNRlogo std.png Stunner Gaming CLSlogo std.png Clan Lucky Strike VITlogo std.png Team Vitality
Group D
NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs AwGlogo std.png Aware Gaming Carnagelogo std.png Carnage SBlogo std.png Strictly Business DTlogo std.png Dream Team

Pool Play

Qualify for Championship Winners Bracket Quarterfinals
Qualify for Championship Losers Bracket Round 3
Qualify for Championship Losers Bracket Round 2
Qualify for Championship Losers Bracket Round 1

Group A

Group A Standings
Place Team Record MapW/L
1. Prophlogo std.png Prophecy 3-1 10-3
2. OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming 3-1 11-6
3. TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber 3-1 9-5
4. Noblelogo std.png Noble eSports 1-3 5-10
5. ESPORTlogo std.png Team ESPORT 0-4 1-12

Group B

Group B Standings
Place Team Record MapW/L
1. Juslogo std.png Team JusTus 4-0 12-2
2. ONlogo std.png OpTic Nation 3-1 9-5
3. ARlogo std.png Automatic Reload 2-2 7-8
4. Riselogo std.png Rise Nation 1-3 8-9
5. Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit 0-4 0-12

Group C

Group C Standings
Place Team Record MapW/L
1. DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports 4-0 12-3
2. FaZelogo std.png FaZe Clan 3-1 9-4
3. STNNRlogo std.png Stunner Gaming 2-2 7-7
4. CLSlogo std.png Clan Lucky Strike 1-3 5-10
5. VITlogo std.png Team Vitality 0-4 3-10

Group D

Group D Standings
Place Team Record MapW/L
1. SBlogo std.png Strictly Business 3-1 11-4
2. NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs 3-1 11-6
3. AwGlogo std.png Aware Gaming 3-1 10-6
4. DTlogo std.png Dream Team 1-3 4-11
5. Carnagelogo std.png Carnage 0-4 3-12

Championship Bracket

Winners Bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Prophlogo std.png proph 3
  ONlogo std.png ON 2
  Prophlogo std.png proph 3
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 0
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3
  SBlogo std.png sB 2
  Prophlogo std.png proph 0
  OGlogo std.png OG 3
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 2
  NVlogo std.png nV 3
  NVlogo std.png nV 0
  OGlogo std.png OG 3
  OGlogo std.png OG 3
  Juslogo std.png Jus 2

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
  ESPORTlogo std.png ESPORT 2   IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs 3   IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs 0   ONlogo std.png ON 3
  IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs 3   CLSlogo std.png CLS 2   AwGlogo std.png AwG 3   AwGlogo std.png AwG 2
  ONlogo std.png ON 1   NVlogo std.png nV 0
  TKlogo std.png tK 3   TKlogo std.png tK 3
  Carnagelogo std.png Carnage 3   Carnagelogo std.png Carnage 3   Carnagelogo std.png Carnage 0   SBlogo std.png sB 1
  ILLlogo std.png iLL 1   Riselogo std.png Rise 2   TKlogo std.png tK 3   TKlogo std.png tK 3
  XGNlogo std.png XGN 3   Noblelogo std.png Noble 3   ARlogo std.png aR 3   DNLlogo std.png DNL 3
  VITlogo std.png VIT 0   XGNlogo std.png XGN 2   Noblelogo std.png Noble 0   ARlogo std.png aR 1
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 3   FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3
  Juslogo std.png Jus 0   DNLlogo std.png DNL 2
  FeaRlogo std.png FeaR 3   DTlogo std.png dT 3   STNNRlogo std.png STNNR 2   Juslogo std.png Jus 3
  Orbitlogo std.png Orbit 0   FeaRlogo std.png FeaR 2   DTlogo std.png dT 3   DTlogo std.png dT 1

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  Prophlogo std.png proph 0
  OGlogo std.png OG 1 2
  OGlogo std.png OG 3
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3 3
  Prophlogo std.png proph 2
From Losers Bracket
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3
  TKlogo std.png tK 1
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3

League Qualifiacation

  Semifinals Finals
  ARlogo std.png aR 3
  DTlogo std.png dT 1
  ARlogo std.png aR Q
  AwGlogo std.png AwG Q
  AwGlogo std.png AwG 3
  SBlogo std.png sB 2

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