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MLG Anaheim Prediction Contest

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MLG Anaheim Prediction Contest
This contest is now closed. Thanks everyone for participating!


How to contribute

  1. Log in to eSportspedia.
  2. Enter your eSportspedia Username in the equivalent text area.
  3. Check the boxes right next to the Name of the Team who you think will win that round.
  4. Submit your predictions once you have filled out the bracket completely.

You can change and enter your brackets until 15 minutes before the first game. After that they will be locked. This is an international contest, so everyone can participate!

What will happen...

  • ... if I don't enter my exact eSP Username?: We won't be able to contact you if you won and will proceed to the next place as the winner.

How to get points

  • If you guessed a winner in the Bracket Stages right, you'll be rewarded with 3 Points.
  • If you guessed the winner of the International Playoff of the MLG Anaheim Championship you'll be rewarded with 5 extra Points.
  • You can score a maximum of 65 points in total.

The prizes

The prizes

1st Place: 1 Razer Kraken Pro Neon Headset
2nd Place: 1 Razer Sabertooth Controller
3rd&4th Place: Can choose one of the following mousepads:

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Current Ranking

Place User Points Predictions
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