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InControl Gaming

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InControl Gaming
Incontrol 2017.png
Team Information
LocationNorth America
Social Media

InControl Gaming is a North American eSports organization with teams spanning multiple scenes including Call of Duty, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Smash & Madden.



  • 2019
  • 2018

Player Roster


Date Joined Player Real Name Role
2019/01/23 Super Tanner Bowen Player
2019/01/23 NauX Darien Chverchko Player
2019/01/23 Cells Dylan Mock Player
2019/01/23 Vivid Reece ??? Player
2019/01/23 Stamino Steven Damiano Player


Date Left Player Role New Team
2019/02/16 USA Evasion Player
2019/02/03 USA Atura Player Midnightlogo std.png Midnight
2019/01/05 USA Legal Player Krisislogo std.png Krisis
2019/01/?? USA TwiZz Player Krisislogo std.png Krisis
2019/01/?? USA SupremeAgility Player Krisislogo std.png Krisis
2019/01/?? USA TcM Player Krisislogo std.png Krisis
2019/01/12 USA Demise Player WaRlogo std.png WaR
2019/01/?? USA Bafundo Player
2019/01/?? USA Radial Player
2019/01/?? USA Ethan Player
2019/01/?? USA Pentagram Player
2018/11/?? USA BamBam Player
2018/12/31 USA Theory Player
2018/12/21 USA Lacefield Player G2Elogo std.png G2E



ID Name Position
USA InCTjay Tyler Kryger Chief Executive Officer
USA Niko Nikolai Mirenovski Co-Owner
USA ProjectDerpy Eduard Loika Chief Operating Officer