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Team Information
LocationUnited States

Impact was a professional North American Call of Duty team that has previously been sponsored by Fariko Gaming and 360 IcoNs.


In The Beginning

Impact formed at the beginning of Black Ops 2 with a roster of KiLLa, Karma, John and TuQuick. They competed at their first event at Frag Cup IV, which was an online tournament hosted by Machinima. They placed well, coming 3rd and taking away $1000 in prize money. They would then go on to UMG Chicago with the same roaster and place similarly well, once again taking away $1000 from a 3rd place finish. However, at this point they were stilling looking to go that extra mile to take away a championship, and they would do this under the Fariko brand with MiRx and Parasite coming in for John and TuQuick.

The Road to Dominance

With their new pick ups of MiRx and Parasite, Impact were looking to take the ever-growing CoD eSports community by storm. They went into the MLG Winter Championship in Dallas with high hopes and were able to come away with 1st place, taking away $20,000 after beating a UNiTE squad with a very strong Clayster. The team would then look to bring this momentum and dominance into the biggest Call of Duty event of the year, the Call of Duty Championship 2013 to compete for their share of $1,000,000. They found themselves with a difficult bracket but they managed to take down Epsilon eSports, SoaR Gaming, OpTic Gaming and compLexity Gaming before facing off against Team EnVyUs in the winners bracket final. They faced off in a close series, with it coming down to a Round 11 Search and Destroy on map 5. EnVyUs managed to pull it out, despite Parasite’s best efforts with his renowned DSR, and knocked Impact into the Losers Bracket. Impact managed to beat OpTic in the Losers Final to face EnVyUs once again for round 2- this time in the Championship Final for $400,000. The series was close once again, with it coming down to a map 11 SnD. However, this time on Meltdown, KiLLa was able clutch a 1v1 vs ProoFy in round 10 to take home the $400,000 and a second consecutive championship. They would then win their 3rd consecutive Championship at UMG St. Louis, once again beating EnVyUs in the finals.

A Steady Decline and a New Dynasty

Impact went into the MLG Spring Championship with high hopes of continuing their recent dominance, now under the IcoNs brand rather than Fariko. However, this time they would have a new challenger in the form of a new look compLexity, complete with Clayster instead of TuQuick. They once again got off to a strong start to the tournament, with a win over Epsilon followed by two 3-0s against UNiTE and OpTic. However, they then found themselves in the losers bracket after being beaten at the hands of compLexity. They convincingly won the losers bracket final against OpTic once again, but were beaten once again by compLexity who claimed their first championship. This left them going into into Gfinity 1 with the aim of proving that they were still the best. However, they went away with a placing of 4th and $5000 with compLexity claiming their second win in what would be an incredible new era of dominance. After this event the team split up, with Parasite, KiLLa and MiRx going to Epsilon to team with John, while Karma went to EnVyUs.

Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
USA SpaceLy Michael Schmale Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate
USA StuDyy Jeremy Astacio Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate
USA MiRx Marcus Carter Template:RoleSortNumber Support ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate
USA KiLLa Adam Sloss Template:RoleSortNumber Support ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate
USA Parasite Christopher Duarte Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ UNiTElogo std.png UNiTE Gaming
USA MiRx Marcus Carter Template:RoleSortNumber Support Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports.NA
USA KiLLa Adam Sloss Template:RoleSortNumber Support Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports.NA
USA Blfire Mikhail Glushenok Template:RoleSortNumber Support Crslogo std.png Team Curse
Canada Karma Damon Barlow Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
USA John Johnathon Perez Template:RoleSortNumber Support VQlogo std.png VanQuish Gaming
USA TuQuick Aaron Chang Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming