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Gfinity Infinite Warfare Launch Cup

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{{Infobox tournament |name = Gfinity Infinite Warfare Launch Cup |image = Gfinity.png |organizer = Gfinity |location = Europe Europe |event type = Online |console = PlayStation 4 |game = Infinite Warfare |total teams = 128 |prize pool = $1000 |links = [[ Website |date = 2016-11-04


The Gfinity Infinite Warfare Launch Cup was an online cup which was created because of the launch of the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game.



  • 128 teams
  • Single Elimination

Prize Pool

Place Prize (GBR) Team
011st 1st £600 Logo std2.png Orbit eSport EU
022nd 2nd £250 HyperGameslogo std.png HyperGames
043rd-4th 3rd-4th £75 FAB Games eSportslogo std.png FAB Games eSports
Logo std2.png LateNightPillowFights
5th-8th Bulldog eSportslogo std.png Bulldog eSports
Team Infusedlogo std.png Team Infused
Logo std2.png Vison6 eSports
Logo std2.png Jamal

Top 8 Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Bulldog eSports
United Kingdom LouiCM
United Kingdom Patto
United Kingdom Dreamz
United Kingdom Ryzen
FAB Games eSports
United Kingdom Desire
United Kingdom Dqvee
United Kingdom Vortex
United Kingdom Hawqeh
United Kingdom Reedy
United Kingdom Zed
United Kingdom Watson
United Kingdom Seany
United Kingdom Paca
United Kingdom Choppymon
United Kingdom DeexyK
United Kingdom Raptor
United Kingdom AaGuy
United Kingdom Cammy
United Kingdom GSTARZ
United Kingdom Swpah
Orbit eSport EU
United Kingdom Joee
United Kingdom Rated
United Kingdom Urban
United Kingdom Zer0
Team Infused
United Kingdom MarkyB
United Kingdom Peatie
United Kingdom Moose
United Kingdom Nolson
Vision6 eSports
United Kingdom Disarray
United Kingdom Alexx
United Kingdom Gismo
United Kingdom Parallax