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Gfinity London 2013

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Gfinity London 2013
Gfinity London 2013.png
League Information

Gfinity London 2013, later referred to as Gfinity 1, was a Call of Duty: Black Ops II tournament hosted in London, United Kingdom. Ten invited teams competed for a $55,000 prize pool.



  • Group Stage
    • 10 Teams
    • 2 Groups; 5 Teams per Group
    • 4 Teams in each group advance to Knockout Stage
  • Knockout Stage
    • Single Elimination

Prize Pool

$55,000 USD was spread among the following teams.

Place Prize (USD) Team
011st 1st $30,000 CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming
022nd 2nd $15,000 TCMlogo std.png TCM-Gaming
043rd-4th 3rd-4th $5,000 OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming
Impactlogo std.png IcoNs Impact


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Giants Gaming
Spain TojoR
Spain Lgend
Spain JaayZ
Spain Setero
IcoNs Impact
USA Parasite
Canada Karma
OpTic Gaming
USA BigTymeR
USA Scump
United Kingdom XLNC
United Kingdom Gunshy
United Kingdom Swanny
United Kingdom Jake
United Kingdom MarkyB
United Kingdom Flux
United Kingdom Rich
United Kingdom Monksy
Team Curse EU
United Kingdom Mak
United Kingdom Blackk
United Kingdom Bissell
United Kingdom Wonder
Team EnVyUs
USA ProoFy
Canada Rambo
UNiTE Gaming
United Kingdom LuCkY
United Kingdom Pascoe
United Kingdom Sowerz
United Kingdom vapeZ


Group Play

Group A
1. CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming 4-0 12-4
2. OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming 3-1 11-6
3. Prophlogo std.png Prophecy 2-2 9-6
4. Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming 1-3 6-11
5. UNiTElogo std.png UNiTE Gaming 0-4 3-12
Group B
1. TCMlogo std.png TCM-Gaming 4-0 12-1
2. Impactlogo std.png IcoNs Impact 3-1 10-5
3. Crslogo std.png Team Curse EU 1-3 6-10
4. AAalogo std.png against All authority 1-3 6-11
5. NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs 1-3 4-11

Knockout Stage

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   CoLlogo std.png coL 3
  Crslogo std.png Crs EU 0
   CoLlogo std.png coL 3
  Impactlogo std.png Impact 1
   Impactlogo std.png Impact 3
  Prophlogo std.png proph 2
   CoLlogo std.png coL 3
  TCMlogo std.png TCM 1
   OGlogo std.png OG 3
  AAalogo std.png aAa 2
  OGlogo std.png OG 2
   TCMlogo std.png TCM 3
   TCMlogo std.png TCM 3
  Giantslogo std.png Giants 2


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