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Fright is an Australian Call of Duty squad competing under the Fright organisation. They are also one of eight teams that qualified for the inaugural ACL Ghosts League broadcasted via - a competition spanning across 7 weeks on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

The team of Fright have gone under two previous names, Fame & Pathfinder both at ACL Brisbane 2014 and ACL Sydney 2014. With several roster changes, it was the same core 3 spanning 4-5 months until the announcement of the ACL League where now only 2 original members remain: Bundo & Blue.



  • 5/6th ACL Brisbane LAN 2014
  • 5/6th ACL Sydney LAN 2014


  • 3rd ACL/MLG 2k Series 6/7/14
  • 3rd CyberGamer 3v3 S&D ODC #1
  • 3rd CyberGamer ASTRO Circuit Season 3 ODC #1
  • 4th CyberGamer ASTRO Circuit Season 4 ODC #1
  • 5th ACL/MLG 2k Series 8/6/14
  • 5th CyberGamer ASTRO League
  • 7th CyberGamer ASTRO Circuit Season 4 ODC #2

Player Roster

Region Alias Name Role Pro Points
Australia.png Bundo Billy Wall SMG.png 9,400
Australia.png Blue Alex Nelson SMG-AR.png 8,000
Australia.png Hoju Stuart Topham SMG.png 6,400
Australia.png Quinzay Cristian AR.png 7,400

Fright Substitutes

Region Alias Name Pro Points
Australia.png Skepz Michael Lawrence 0
Australia.png Rob Rob Lineker 1,400


Region Alias Name Pro Points
Australia.png Fitzy Jason Fitzsimmons 8,000
Australia.png Kritikal Nikolai Seth 5,800
Australia.png BossofEveryfing Benjamin Martin 6,600