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Background Information
NameRyan Blair Oldfield
Country of BirthUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Social Media
Team History
TCM-Gaminglogo std.png TCM-GamingCurrent
Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsilon eSportsCurrent
TCM-Gaminglogo std.png TCM-GamingCurrent
Total eCircuitlogo std.png Total eCircuitCurrent
Team Sereni7ylogo std.png Team Sereni7yNov 2015???

Flux (Real Name: Ryan Oldfield) is a former British CoD competitive player.



Ryan Blair Oldfield better known as Flux is an English university student who currently is attending Loughborough University. Ryan is extremely well known for being a player of Europe's top 2 teams, TCM.png TCM and Epsilon.png Epsilon and also alongside big names like Jurd, GunShy and MarkyB.

Road to LA

Going into the COD-Champs2014.png Call of Duty Championship 2014: EU Finals seemed easy and with high expectations of winning with his team, which consisted of himself, their captain Jurd, Swanny and Tommey. The team managed to annihilate Sublime.png Sublime and x22px Vitality.Rises to then reach the finals where he would face his former squad, TCM.png TCM. Unexpectedly losing to them 3-1 in the series, which costed them a 011st 1st place finish and a €15,000 prize, but still a guaranteed spot at the COD-Champs2014.png Call of Duty Championship.