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FC Black/Achievements

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Overview   Achievements    

Game Date Event Place Winnings Roster
Black ops 4 logo.png 2019-01-12 Checkmate logo.png CMG ProDown 5 A99 - 12th TischAsimMoshGRVTYPhantomz
Black ops 4 logo.png 2018-12-16 MLGlogo small.png GameBattles 2K 12-02 A22nd $ 500 AsimMoshPhantomzTischVivid
Black ops 4 logo.png 2018-12-08 CWLlogo small.png 2019 CWL Las Vegas Open C121 - 24th AsimGRVTYMoshPhantomzTisch
Black ops 4 logo.png CWLlogo small.png 2019 CWL Fort Worth Open Tournament A11st $ 15,000 SimpCelliumAsimPhantomzGRVTY