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FCO #9
League Information
CountryFr.png France  [[Category:Unrecognised Country||Fr.png France]]
Date09/27/2014 & 09/28/2014

SFCO.png FCO 9 took place on the 27th and 28th of September 2014


Start the new qualifying stage for ESWC France. Since the early stages, x20px Vitality is leading the race with a total of 155 pts, although they are unable to win at the Ultimate Arena last week. This LAN, which included the best teams in France and those who monopolize the top rankings for qualification, has seen a few surprises. Predictions are open, and here are ours!

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st 2000€ x20px Vitality Fr.png Gotaga - Fr.png BroKeN - Fr.png RiskiN - UK.png MadCat
022nd 2nd 1400€ Ascentia.png Ascentia Fr.png ZylewR - Fr.png Malls - Fr.png Mystik - Fr.png Vortex
033rd 3rd 600€ InS.png InSayed Fr.png HulK - Fr.png Chucky - Fr.png KaSsOoA - Fr.png Ato