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EGL Open London 2016

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EGL Open London 2016
League Information

EGL Open London 2016 will be the first Call of Duty World League Challenge Division LAN event to be held in Europe. [1] The event will take place at the Old Truman Brewery on March 5th-6th, 2016.



  • Group Stage
    • 32 Teams; 4 Teams per Pool.
    • Best of three series.
    • Top 2 teams from each group advance to the Knockout Stage.
  • Knockout Stage
    • Single Elimination.
    • Best of five series.
  • All matches are played on patch 1.07

Game Types and Maps

Included maps and modes:

  • Hardpoint: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Stronghold
  • Search and Destroy: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Hunted, Infection, Redwood, Stronghold
  • Uplink: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Infection
  • Capture the Flag: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Stronghold

Broadcast talent



Prize Pool

$25,000 USD will be spread among the top 8 teams. [1]

Place Prize (USD) CWL Points Team
011st 1st $10,000 2,500 Infslogo std.png Team Infused
022nd 2nd $5,000 1,500 Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports
043rd-4th 3rd-4th $2,500 1,100 SPYlogo std.png Splyce
900 Milllogo std.png Millenium
5th-6th $1,250 800 EXRTlogo std.png Exertus eSports
RTempologo std.png Rampage Tempo
7th-8th 700 XLlogo std.png exceL eSports
TCMlogo std.png TCM-Gaming

Full Results


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Bulldog eSports
United Kingdom Patto
United Kingdom AlanJ
United Kingdom Fallon
Sweden Burnsy
ConverT eSport
United Kingdom Sowerz
France Kero
United Kingdom Keppie
United Kingdom Harley
Enraged eSports
United Kingdom RiRi
United Kingdom Realize
United Kingdom Camboo
United Kingdom Ryann
Epsilon eSports
United Kingdom Rated
United Kingdom Joee
United Kingdom Moose
United Kingdom Reedy
exceL eSports
United Kingdom Zed
United Kingdom QwiKeR
United Kingdom Nolson
United Kingdom Braaain
Exertus eSports
United Kingdom Watson
United Kingdom Desire
United Kingdom Dqvee
United Kingdom Carbines
FAB Games eSports
Germany GunElite
Austria Kivi
Germany Barca
Netherlands Torres
Hostile Organisation
United Kingdom Dexter
United Kingdom Deacon
United Kingdom Dutchy
United Kingdom Jdee
France Gumpi Gumpah
France Kkirby
France Lowan
France Chucky
Ironide Gaming
United Kingdom BoabyCee
United Kingdom Colgate
United Kingdom Curious
United Kingdom SamB
Austria Ramba
Germany Cosmo
Germany hAsbroken
Germany ShuKz
Limitless Nation
United Kingdom Trance
United Kingdom Gulit
United Kingdom Zombie
United Kingdom Kreedy
Lucendi Gaming
United Kingdom Vooooom
United Kingdom Dreamz
United Kingdom Riskyy
United Kingdom Chunk
United Kingdom Tommey
Republic of Ireland Jurd
United Kingdom MadCat
United Kingdom Swanny
No Good Gaming
United Kingdom Galvz
United Kingdom CaLvZiLLa
United Kingdom Stace
United Kingdom Naughty
ProCast eSports
United Kingdom Logic
United Kingdom Scotty
United Kingdom Explicit
United Kingdom Swish
Rift Gaming
United Kingdom Ryder
United Kingdom Revolt
United Kingdom NeCRoMe
United Kingdom Briggs
United Kingdom Joshh
United Kingdom Bance
United Kingdom Vortex
Scotland Hawqeh
France Malls
France Vortex
France mAxxie
France RpLayy
United Kingdom Bran
United Kingdom Niall
United Kingdom ShAnE
United Kingdom SunnyB
Team Deception
Team Infused
Scotland MarkyB
United Kingdom Urban
United Kingdom Peatie
United Kingdom Zer0
France Getsom
France Zayrox
France TonyJ's
France Logan
Finland AimLikeTeddy
Finland beakd
Finland Eyedi
Finland Juunaz
Team Orbit SE
Sweden Cappeh
Finland GefKid
United Kingdom dReeaLL
Finland Meemis
Team Spud
Team Vitality
France BroKeN
France Gotaga
France RiskiN
France Wailers
Torpedo Gaming
United Kingdom agon
United Kingdom aMaZe
United Kingdom TRMAQ
United Kingdom Weeman
warFare Gaming EU
United Kingdom Furbzie
United Kingdom Haz
United Kingdom Macca
United Kingdom AciD
Vigour eSports
United Kingdom HarBar
United Kingdom Samba
United Kingdom Chaos
United Kingdom Parksy


Group Stage

Group A
1. Infslogo std.png Team Infused 3-0 6-0
2. Enragedlogo std.png Enraged eSports 2-1 4-2
3. Bulldoglogo std.png Bulldog eSports 1-2 2-4
4. Elkinlogo std.png Elkin eSports 0-3 0-6
Group B
1. Milllogo std.png Millenium 3-0 6-0
2. Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit SE 2-1 4-3
3. ProCastlogo std.png ProCast eSports 1-2 2-4
4. Hostilelogo std.png Hostile Organisation 0-3 1-6
Group C
1. Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports 3-0 6-0
2. No Goodlogo std.png No Good Gaming 2-1 4-3
3. TPGlogo std.png Torpedo Gaming 1-2 3-4
4. Logo std2.png Team Deception 0-3 0-6
Group D
1. SPYlogo std.png Splyce 3-0 6-0
2. FabElogo std.png FAB Games eSports 2-1 4-3
3. Riftlogo std.png Rift Gaming 1-2 3-4
4. CvTlogo std.png ConverT eSport 0-3 0-6
Group E
1. XLlogo std.png exceL eSports 3-0 6-1
2. EXRTlogo std.png Exertus eSports 2-1 4-3
4. Lucendilogo std.png Lucendi Gaming 1-2 4-4
3. Menacelogo std.png Team 0-3 0-6
Group F
1. VITlogo std.png Team Vitality 3-0 6-1
2. HGlogo std.png HyperGames 2-1 4-4
3. Sylogo std.png Supremacy 1-2 4-4
4. Limitlesslogo std.png Limitless Nation 0-3 1-6
Group G
1. TCMlogo std.png TCM-Gaming 3-0 6-0
2. RTempologo std.png Rampage Tempo 2-1 4-2
3. WFlogo std.png warFare Gaming EU 1-2 2-4
4. Vigourlogo std.png Vigour eSports 0-3 1-6
Group H
1. LDLClogo std.png Team-LDLC 2-1 5-2
2. IRNlogo std.png Ironide Gaming 2-1 4-3
3. KFlogo std.png KILLERFISH eSport 2-1 4-3
4. Logo std2.png Team Spud 0-3 1-6

Knockout Stage

  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Infslogo std.png infs 3
  Orbitlogo std.png Orbit SE 1
  Infslogo std.png infs 3
  RTempologo std.png RTempo 0
  LDLClogo std.png LDLC 2
  RTempologo std.png RTempo 3
  Infslogo std.png infs 3
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 0
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  No Goodlogo std.png No Good 0
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  XLlogo std.png xL 2
  XLlogo std.png xL 3
  HGlogo std.png HG 0
  Infslogo std.png infs 3
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 2
  Milllogo std.png Mill 3
  Enragedlogo std.png Enraged 0
  Milllogo std.png Mill 3
  TCMlogo std.png TCM 1
  TCMlogo std.png TCM 3
  IRNlogo std.png IRN 0
  Milllogo std.png Mill 2
3rd place match
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 3
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 3   SPYlogo std.png SPY
  FabElogo std.png fabE 0   Milllogo std.png Mill
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 3
  EXRTlogo std.png EXRT 1
  VITlogo std.png VIT 2
  EXRTlogo std.png EXRT 3

External Content


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