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Doritos Bowl 2018

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Doritos Bowl 2018
Doritos Bowl 2018.png
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2018-10-27


Doritos Bowl 2018 is an epic battle royale tournament coming to TwitchCon 2018. On October 27, four all star teams led by the biggest Twitch streamers in the world will compete in the massive new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale mode - Blackout. The winning team will take home the Doritos Bowl trophy. [1]


  • The 4 teams will go through 4 heats where they will look to score as many points as possible[2]
    • 1 Kill = 1 Point
    • Placing Top 10 = 0.5x Multiplayer Bonus
    • Placing Top 5 = 0.75x Multiplayer Bonus
    • Placing Top 3 = 0.75x Multiplayer Bonus
    • Multiplayer Bonus do not stack

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $100,000 Logo std2.png Team Shroud ShroudJust9nChocotacoChad
Silver.png 2nd $75,000 Logo std2.png Team CouRage CouRageKarmaTeePeeHysteria
Bronze.png 3rd $50,000 Logo std2.png Team Ninja NinjaJoshOGGoldGloveFearItself
Copper.png 4th $25,000 Logo std2.png Team Lupo DrLupoAnneMunitionMad RuskiNinja With No L


Team Ninja
USA Ninja
Canada JoshOG
USA GoldGlove
USA FearItself
Team Shroud
USA Shroud
USA Just9n
USA Chocotaco
USA Chad
Team CouRage
USA CouRage
Canada Karma
USA TeePee
USA Hysteria


Team Final Results
Logo std2.png Team Shroud 499.5
Logo std2.png Team CouRage 431.25
Logo std2.png Team Ninja 374
Logo std2.png Team Lupo 350.75




Final Standing

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