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Call of Duty XP

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Call of Duty xP
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League Information
OrganizerXbox.png Xbox

"Call of Duty XP" took place in Los Angeles, California from September 2nd-3rd, 2011.


Prize Pool

A total of $1,000,000 was dispersed among the top 8 teams as follows: [1]

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
011st 1st $400,000 OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming BigTymeRMerKNaDeSHoTVengeance
022nd 2nd $200,000 Logo std2.png Til Infinity XLNCGunShyFerLuffSoul
033rd 3rd $120,000 IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs eGoRJKiLLaTeRRoR
044th 4th $100,000 Infslogo std.png Team Infused richEShAnESwannySam
5th $70,000 ApeX.EUlogo std.png apeX eSports EU CrookzBlackkRiddlezTommey
6th $50,000 Obeylogo std.png Team Obey BreeZyClaysterTriZyePiSoDe
7th $35,000 Logo std2.png Mob JiggaBrimFhastPHiZZURP
8th $25,000 MythiXlogo std.png mythiX eSports mAxxieLowanRekinZylewR

Notable Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

apeX eSports EU
United Kingdom Crookz
United Kingdom Blackk
United Kingdom Riddlez
United Kingdom Tommey
Team Infused
United Kingdom richiE
United Kingdom Sam
United Kingdom ShAnE
United Kingdom Swanny
USA Brim
Canada Fhast
USA Jiggas
mythiX eSports
France Lowan
France mAxxie
France Rekin
France ZylewR
USA Mutation
USA PoiZzon
OpTic Gaming
USA BigTymer
USA Vengeance
Pain Gaming
Spain Hispano
Spain sdow
Spain Serra
Spain setero
SK Gaming
Germany qntm
Germany QuiCky
Germany RDNX
Germany Tapeout
Team Obey
USA BreeZy
USA Clayster
Til Infinity
United Kingdom FerLuff
United Kingdom Gunshy
United Kingdom Soul
United Kingdom XLNC
Twisted Method
USA Krumb
USA Pwnstar
USA Sidroc
USA Solo


  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 USA Logo std2.png NOX W
 Germany Logo std2.png DZS L
 USA Logo std2.png NOX L
 United Kingdom MythiXlogo std.png mythiX W
 France MythiXlogo std.png mythiX W
 USA Logo std2.png 4Rum L
 France MythiXlogo std.png mythiX L
 USA IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs W
 USA Logo std2.png Vundabar L
 Germany SKlogo std.png SK W
 Germany SKlogo std.png SK L
 USA IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs W
 USA IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs W
 USA Logo std2.png Will Work for Sponsors L
 USA IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs L
 United Kingdom Logo std2.png Til Infinity W
 USA Logo std2.png B-Squad L
 USA Logo std2.png We Play for Keeps W
 USA Logo std2.png We Play For Keeps L
 USA Obeylogo std.png Obey W
 USA Quanticlogo std.png Quantic L
 USA Obeylogo std.png Obey W
 USA Obeylogo std.png Obey L
 United Kingdom Logo std2.png Til Infinity W
 Norway Logo std2.png Norwary W
 USA Logo std2.png YouTubers L
 Norway Logo std2.png Norway L
 United Kingdom Logo std2.png Til Infinity W
 United Kingdom Logo std2.png Til Inifinity W
 France Logo std2.png Droit Au But L
 United Kingdom Logo std2.png Til Infinity 1
 USA OGlogo std.png OG 3
 United Kingdom Logo std2.png Flame Retardant L
 United Kingdom ApeX.EUlogo std.png apeX.EU W
 United Kingdom ApeX.EUlogo std.png apeX.EU W
 Italy Logo std2.png Flash L
 Italy Logo std2.png Flash W
3rd place match
 Germany Logo std2.png eVo L
 United Kingdom ApeX.EUlogo std.png apeX.EU L  USA IcoNslogo std.png IcoNs W
 United Kingdom Infslogo std.png infs W
 United Kingdom Infslogo std.png infs L
 USA Logo std2.png The Randys L
 United Kingdom Infslogo std.png infs W
 United Kingdom Infslogo std.png infs W
 Spain Painlogo std.png Pain L
 USA Logo std2.png LFN L
 Spain Painlogo std.png Pain W
 United Kingdom Infslogo std.png infs L
 USA OGlogo std.png OG W
 Sweden Logo std2.png Sweden W
 Belgium Logo std2.png Benelux L
 Sweden Logo std2.png Sweden L
 USA OGlogo std.png OG W
 Australia Logo std2.png Archaic L
 USA OGlogo std.png OG W
 USA OGlogo std.png OG W
 USA Logo std2.png MOB L
 USA TMlogo std.png tM W
 USA Logo std2.png UN L
 USA TMlogo std.png tM L
 USA Logo std2.png MOB W
 USA Logo std2.png MOB W
 USA Logo std2.png Skilled in Kombat L


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