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Call of Duty Championship BR Regional Finals 2015 Team Rosters

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SSOF Gaminglogo std.png SSOF Gaming
Region Alias Name
Br.png Caio Caio Cesar
Br.png Carlao Carlos Mohn
Br.png Le Leandro Gouveia
Br.png spyH Guilherme Santos
CL.png Classic Team
Region Alias Name
Br.png iWhi7e
Br.png DDennK
Br.png Sharq
Dog$.png Team DOG$
Region Alias Name
Br.png Batuta
Br.png F KiNg
Br.png lRody99
Br.png NaXys
Brazilla.png Brazilla
Region Alias Name
Br.png Nikko Rafael F
Br.png lRapp
Br.png lRody99
Br.png STAL1ZY
Logo std2.png Milagres
Region Alias Name
Br.png Mathz Matheus
Br.png LGnDz
Br.png Lopes
Br.png BigThug
VrT.png Virtue Gaming
Region Alias Name
Br.png Freeze
Br.png RxcK Henrique V
Br.png Rafa Rafael Pereira
Br.png cocoLander Eric Martins