Call of Duty Championship APAC Regional Finals 2015

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Call of Duty Championship 2015 APAC Regional Finals
Organizer: Xbox.png Xbox
Country: Australia.png Australia
Event type:
Format: DE Bracket
Game: Advanced Warfare
Total teams:
Prize pool:
Date: 2015-02-14
Start Date:
End Date:
Links: Info
Casters: Bio Acid
Doctor Curry


The Call of Duty Championship 2015 APAC Regional Finals is a one-time qualifier to determine the three teams, from the Asia Pacific Region, that qualify for the Call of Duty Championship. The three teams that qualify will be headed to to Los Angeles, California to compete for a 1 Million Dollar prize pool at the Call of Duty Championship.


  • Eight team double elimination bracket.
  • Hardpoint will be Game 1.
  • Search & Destroy will be Games 2 & 5
  • Capture the Flag and Uplink will alternate for Game between 3 & 4.
  • The Grand Finals will consist of 2 Best of 5 series'.
    • The team coming from the Winner's Bracket will need to win 1 to be crowned champion.
    • The team coming from the Loser's Bracket will need to win 2 to be crowned champion.
    • If both team has previous played in the tournament. They will play a Bo11 continuation series.
  • The top three teams move on the Call of Duty Championship 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Game Modes

Map Uplink Search and Destroy Hardpoint Capture the Flag
Ascend GreenCheck.png
Bio Lab GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Comeback GreenCheck.png
Detroit GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Recovery GreenCheck.png
Riot GreenCheck.png
Solar GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Terrace GreenCheck.png
Retreat GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png

Participating Teams

Avlogo std.png Avant Garde EXs.iGlogo std.png eXcess.iG X5.T1logo std.png Team Exile5.T1 INlogo std.png Integral Nation
NUTlogo std.png No Use Talking MysXlogo std.png MysX.Laminar MFlogo std.png Mindfreak Tridentlogo std.png Trident Esports
For the full list of participating teams & players, click here!

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st $6,000 MFlogo std.png Mindfreak Australia BuZZO, Australia Shockz, Australia Fighta, Australia Denz
022nd 2nd $3,000 X5.T1logo std.png Exile5.T1 Australia Iskatuu, Australia Chilean, Australia Damage, Australia Fate
033rd 3rd $2,000 INlogo std.png Integral Nation Australia Bundo, Australia Hoju, Australia Quinz, Australia Vilesyder
044th 4th $1,500 EXs.iGlogo std.png eXcess.iG New Zealand Bacabec, New Zealand Carrots, New Zealand Killerpie, New Zealand Zeuss
055th 5th $750 Avlogo std.png Avant Garde Au.png Hopey, Au.png Khooie, Au.png Dean, Au.png Benno
066th 6th $750 Tridentlogo std.png Trident Esports Au.png Macka, Au.png Envious, Au.png Hysteria, Au.png Azzi
077th 7th $500 NUTlogo std.png No Use Talking Sg.png Cypher, Sg.png Axis, Sg.png Lx7, Kr.png ArtShot
088th 8th $500 MysXlogo std.png MysX.Laminar Sg.png Bunnyboom, Sg.png teamPF, Sg.png Truuly, Sg.png Veliate


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  X5.T1logo std.png x5.T1 3
  NUTlogo std.png NUT 0
  X5.T1logo std.png x5.T1 3
  EXs.iGlogo std.png eXs.iG 2
  Avlogo std.png Av 2
  EXs.iGlogo std.png eXs.iG 3
  X5.T1logo std.png x5.T1 0
  MFlogo std.png MF 3
  INlogo std.png iN 3
  Tridentlogo std.png Trident 1
  INlogo std.png iN 0
  MFlogo std.png MF 3
  MysXlogo std.png MysX 0   MFlogo std.png MF 6
  MFlogo std.png MF 3   X5.T1logo std.png x5.T1 0
Loser's bracket
  INlogo std.png iN 3
  NUTlogo std.png NUT 0
  Avlogo std.png Av 1   X5.T1logo std.png x5.T1 3
  Avlogo std.png Av 3   INlogo std.png iN 3
  INlogo std.png iN 0
  EXs.iGlogo std.png eXs.iG 2
  EXs.iGlogo std.png eXs.iG 3
  Tridentlogo std.png Trident 3
  Tridentlogo std.png Trident 0
  MysXlogo std.png MysX 0
For detailed scores regarding all of the matches, click here!