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CWL/2019 Season/Power Rankings/CWL Las Vegas

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2019 CWL Las Vegas Power Rankings
League Information
Event TypeOffline
CountryUnited States USA
Start Date2018-12-07
End Date2018-12-09

CWL Las Vegas Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
1 OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png 100
Optic Gaming has looked absolutely stunning throughout the online preseason heading into CWL Vegas. Dominating 2Ks, CMG tournaments and scrims show consistency and team chemistry which can take them far. They seem to be top class in all aspects, with Search and Destroy only rivaled by the best teams. Their respawn seems impecable, but will they be able to take this into the regular season? Optic Gaming has always been dominant online, but they have CWL Las Vegas at the grasp of their hands. This team was unanimously placed on top of all the ratings and their dominant preseason performances warrant this position.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
2 EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png 89
The acquisition of JKap alongside the talented ABeZy boosted eUnited into the top of the CWL. It is a common conversation that Luminosity Gaming had made a mistake in letting JKap go, and eUnited snatched the veteran as quickly as they could. They seem to be the only team to contend with Optic Gaming throughout the preseason. They were placed in what many consider to be the Pool of Death depending on what teams qualify through the Play-In and the Open Bracket. eUnited is expected to have a strong start to the year, and a Finals appearance is long overdue for this squad.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
3 Str8 Rippinlogo std.png Str8 Rippin - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 67
The biggest surprise of the preseason so far has been the amazing surge of Str8 Rippin. SpaceLy and Co. have been killing it throughout the online portion of preseason. It is not expected that this team will win CWL Las Vegas, but it is an amazing opportunity for Str8 Rippin to prove they are the real deal. They will be be competing through the "Play-In" for a chance into Pools. The team will have a tough first match against another favorite to qualify. Mindfreak are in a period of uncertainty, with Denz now joining Team Reciprocity, but the APAC giant still posses a threat. This could put Str8 Rippin's Play-In spot in danger, but if there online performances reflect on LAN, it will be a quick path to Pools. This team barely edged 100Thieves for the 3rd spot, but it is well deserved.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
4 Hundred Thieveslogo std.png Hundred Thieves - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.png 65
100Thieves is one of the teams with the most hype and expectation heading into the CWL 2019 season. Nadeshot, an all-star lineup, and a hungry fanbase will all be present at CWL Las Vegas. They are in Pool A, and the very anticipated clash against eUnited will help decide the first and second seeds for this Pool. This lineup has been admired and criticized all throughout preseason. The team has been hit or miss, with Enable still working on setting the team up for success. 100Thieves has the talent, it might be a case of lack of leadership or clashing ideals. Nadeshot returns to Call of Duty with the hopes of championships and it is time for the team to step up and deliver.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
5 FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clan - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 44
Faze Clan misses the top 4 by quite a margin, but still edges out their opponents below. Inconsistency and several poor performances have hurt their chances at the top. The community still believes that James 'Crowder' Crowder (formerly known as Replays) will be able to organize the team before CWL Las Vegas. The team had clear weaknesses and inconsistencies throughout World War II, and without any changes (disregarding numerous role changes), the team still lacks the edge needed to climb up the ladder. The addition of Methodz was discussed during the Rostermania Ratings. He is a terrific player, but there are still inconsistencies apparent.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
6 Team EnVyUslogo std.png Team EnVyUs - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 42
The CWL 2018 Call of Duty World Champions moved from Evil Geniuses to Team Envy at the end of the season. Two top-32 placings and a Top-12 in the CheckMate Gaming ProDown tournament sum up their preseason. This is not good enough for the defending champions, and they will look to bounce back. The team was inconsistent throughout the World War II season, and although Huke adds much needed firepower, they still have a long way to go before becoming a consistent contender.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
7 Red Reservelogo std.png Red Reserve EU - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 39
Europe's hope for the CWL 2019 season lie on Red Reserve EU. The only remaining Top-10 team to be fully European, the consistent Red Reserve roster added Bance during the off season. This is Bance's chance for a comeback after a terrible season by his standards. This team is looking to go all the way this year after falling short during World War II. Not much can be said about their preseason, but people still believe that they will get the practice needed before CWL Las Vegas.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
8 Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming - Equal.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 37
Luminosity Gaming has a very big point to prove. Dropping the veteran JKap to set up a team of stars has brought them a lot of doubters. The team seemed to lack direction and organization at the start, but they seem to have improved. The team has more than enough talent, with the Big 3 of Formal, John, and Gunless looking to do work in the new season. They still have time before CWL Las Vegas, but will they be able to get all the pieces together?
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
9 Splycelogo std.png Splyce - Equal.png Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 28
Splyce has been looked at one of the rosters who might break the quickest. Their talent is evident, yet the personalities in the team don't seem to match. Their performances have been good. A strong 3rd place finished at the CheckMate Gaming ProDown is a good example, yet these performances still have not won over the community. There is still the possibility of this team to implode.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
10 Team Reciprocitylogo std.png Team Reciprocity - Equal.png Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 13
The Team Reciprocity pack come into the year with a great story. They are the second internatial team behind Splyce. Denz comes from the APAC giant Mindfreak and joins the previous Unilad core; Tommey was then acquired from Vitality to round up a very exciting team. The team has great potential, but they landed in the worst possible pool for their debut.
Rank Team Previous Rank +/- Roster Rating Roster Score
11 Evil Geniuseslogo std.png Evil Geniuses - Equal.png Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png 3
The Evil Geniuses organization won their first ever Call of Duty World Championship in World War II. They then lost the CWL World Champions to Team Envy. After a long preseason, Evil Geniuses got together a roster which has been heavily looked down upon heading into CWL Las Vegas. The aquisition of Xotic has stabilized the team, but even then they are expected to fall short. Their Pool (Pool B) seems the most eratic heading into the event. This is not the Pool of Death, but it is a pool with no clear favorite. Red Reserve EU and Luminosity Gaming are two teams who are trying to prove themselves. They managed to scrape into the Top 10 by edging both G2 Esports and Team Madcat.

Power Ranking Insight

  • It is no surprise to see OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OG top all the charts at the start of a new Call of Duty season. It has been a common trend for several years now, and even with the Optic dynasty disbanded, the team continues to dominate the preseason portion of a game.
  • With Team Kaliberlogo std.png tK and Rise Nationlogo std.png Rise no longer in Call of Duty after dominating World War II, it is time for new teams to take the spotlight.
  • EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited and Hundred Thieveslogo std.png 100T are the frontrunners to catch OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OG if anyone can.