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Power Ranking Overview   CWL Las Vegas    

CWL 2019 Power Rankings
Organizer: MLG
Organizer: Activision
Organizer: Treyarch
Country: United States
Location: Las Vegas
Tier: Premier
Event type: Offline
Mode: 5v5
Platform: PlayStation 4
Game: Black Ops 4
Total teams:
Prize pool:
Start Date: 2018-12-07
End Date: 2019-xx-xx


  • CWL Las Vegas 2019 is Right around the corner. Teams continue their preparations for possibly the most important tournament of the Black Ops 4 season. It is time to rank the teams and their chances at taking first place at the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Esportspedia has ranked the Top 10 teams heading into Las Vegas based on community voting.
  • 15 participants were asked for their Top 10 rankings.
  • Participants included Call of Duty Esportspedia Staff, members of the College Call of Duty community, and the esports commentator, streamer and entertainer known as Alan "IHOLDSHIFT" Donofrio.

Participant Credits


Ranking System

  • Participants were asked to list their Top 10 teams heading into Las Vegas.
  • After 15 participant votes were gathered, teams were ranked and rated based on their average placing and points scored.
  • Some of the things taken into consideration are online performances, rostermania rating, team chemistry, and strength of schedule.

Point System

  • Teams are ranked from 1-10 and with 15 participants it equivalates to 150Pts.
    • 1st = 10 Pts
    • 2nd = 9 Pts
    • 3rd = 8 Pts
    • 4th = 7 Pts
    • 5th = 6 Pts
    • 6th = 5 Pts
    • 7th = 4 Pts
    • 8th = 3 Pts
    • 9th = 2 Pts
    • 10th = 1 Pt
  • The average placing, followed by the points racked up by the team are the deciding factors for their Rank. The number of points will be divided by the total and it will give us their Roster Score.
  • The Roster Rating is based on the Rosters chances to win CWL Las Vegas.
    • High Unlikely- Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Unlikely- Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Underdog- Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Strong Chance- Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Tournament Favorite- Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png