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CWL/2019 Season/Power Rankings

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CWL 2019 Power Rankings
League Information
Event TypeOffline
CountryUnited States USA
Start Date2018-12-07
End Date2019-xx-xx


  • Esportspedia has ranked the Top 10 teams heading into each CWL event based on community voting.
  • participants were asked for their Top 10 rankings.
  • Participants included Call of Duty Esportspedia Staff, members of the College Call of Duty community-

Ranking System

  • Participants were asked to list their Top 10 teams heading into the next CWL event.
  • After a certain number of participant votes were gathered, teams were ranked and rated based on their average placing and points scored.
  • Some of the things taken into consideration are online performances, rostermania rating, team chemistry, and strength of schedule.

Point System

  • Teams are ranked from 1-10 with the following points being awarded:
    • 1st = 10 Pts
    • 2nd = 9 Pts
    • 3rd = 8 Pts
    • 4th = 7 Pts
    • 5th = 6 Pts
    • 6th = 5 Pts
    • 7th = 4 Pts
    • 8th = 3 Pts
    • 9th = 2 Pts
    • 10th = 1 Pt