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CWL/2019 Season/Las Vegas Open Recap

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2019 CWL Las Vegas Recap
League Information
Event TypeOffline
CountryUnited States USA
Start Date2019-12-07
End Date2019-12-09


  • Now that the 2019 CWL Las Vegas Open is done and OpTic Gaming has been crowned as the first victors in the CWL 2019 season, it’s a great time to consider some final thoughts about the tournament and what we learned.
  • The event was filled with surprising results and moments, with incredible upsets all around.
  • There is a lot to think about now that the event is over, and there is a lot to talk about.
  • Esportspedia has taken the Top-12 teams and summarized their showing at CWL Las Vegas.

Tournament Top-12

USD 250,000 is spread among the teams as follows: [1]

Place Pro Points Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st 25,000 $100,000 OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming DashyScumpCrimsixKarmaTJHaLy
Silver.png 2nd 15,000 $60,000 EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited ArcitysPrestinniClaysterJKapaBeZy
Bronze.png 3rd 11,000 $40,000 Splycelogo std.png Splyce AquaAccuracyTempJurdLoony
Copper.png 4th 9,000 $20,000 Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming GunlessJohnFormalSlackedClassic
5-6th 8,000 $10,000 Logo std2.png Team Sween BraaainDylanNolsonQwiKeRWeeman
Lightning Pandaslogo std.png Lightning Pandas AlexxDqveeJoshhMadCatPeatie
7-8th 7,000 $5,000 Str8 Rippinlogo std.png Str8 Rippin HavokMajorManiakMauxNagafenSpaceLy
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png Evil Geniuses FeLoGoonjarRoyaltySaintsXotic
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  • Placing - The final placing of a team at CWL Las Vegas.
  • Predicted Finish - The predicted finish for a team at CWL Las Vegas.
  • CWL/2019 Season/Power Rankings/CWL Las Vegas - The Preseason Power Rankings was a list of the Top-10 teams heading into CWL Las Vegas based on the results of a 15-participant survey. The results of these 15 lists were then averaged.
  • The Roster Rating was based on the Rosters chances to win CWL Las Vegas according to the averaged results. Now we can see the ratings before and after CWL Las Vegas and see either teams improving or decreasing in rating.
    • High Unlikely- Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Unlikely- Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Underdog- Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Strong Chance- Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.png
    • Tournament Favorite- Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png

Performance Summary

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
1 OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming 1st 1st Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png

Placing- 1st- Optic Gaming looked stunning heading into CWL Las Vegas. They were the clear cut number one team before the event after dominating the online portion of Black Ops 4. The team was equally as dominant throughout CWL Las Vegas. Amazing through Pool Play, Winner's Bracket and in the Grand Final. MVP Dashy played out of his mind. He has definitely stomped on all his doubters. All of Optic were on point, and this event was a statement that the Green Wall was truly back.

Predicted Finish- 1st - Optic Gaming's CWL Las Vegas performance went as predicted before the event. There was a certain feel that they would go undefeated, yet I did not expect it to be this dominant. They were a true spectacle to watch.

Power Rankings- 1st - Optic Gaming was ranked first in all 15 surveys of the Pre-Vegas Power Rankings.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 5 Stars - They were one of the tournament favorites heading into CWL Las Vegas.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 5 Stars - The team will continue to be a favorite to win any event in the near future.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
2 EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited 2nd 2nd Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png

Placing- 2nd - eUnited came into CWL Las Vegas as one of the tournament favorites. Their consistency throughout the preseason, followed by the acquisitions of JKap and aBeZy made this an exciting roster. They seemed to be the only roster to contend with Optic Gaming at the start of the game, and it was no surprise to see them in the finals. A nerve-racking loss to Optic Gaming in the Winner's Semifinals meant that eUnited would have to face Lighting Pandas (a surprise themselves) for Top-4. Historically, the roster has struggled in Loser's Round 6. They have had several Top-6 finishes following this trend. eUnited proved to be a rejuvenated roster, however, eliminating Lighting Pandas, Luminosity Gaming and Splyce on their way to the finals. They may have lost the finals to Optic Gaming, but the roster still has the potential to win future events.

Predicted Finish- 2nd - The team looked ready. eUnited was hungry and they definitely showed it at CWL Las Vegas. It was not a difficult decision to predict a finals appearance for the team.

Power Rankings- 2nd - 100 Thieves and eUnited both traded spots as the second seed accord to the survey, but eUnited and Optic Gaming were the only teams to be placed Top-3 in all the power ranking lists.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 5 Stars - eUnited was definitely a tournament favorite heading into CWL Las Vegas. Their online performances were good, and it seemed they understood the game well. The talented trio of Arcitys, Prestinni, and aBeZy are being lead by the perfect duo in Clayster and JKap

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 5 Stars - eUnited will continue to be one of the top teams heading into any event. A championship for the team is definitely possible.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
3 Splycelogo std.png Splyce 5-6th 9th Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png

Placing- 3rd - Splyce was an interesting team heading into CWL Las Vegas. Their talent was unquestionable, with the acquisition of star players such as Accuracy and Temp, followed by the ever-reliable Aqua and a top in-game leader in Loony. These four players complemented Splyce's Jurd, and the team truly came to play at CWL Las Vegas. If a few things went their way, this team could of definitely won CWL Las Vegas. The team played well overall, but Temp was truly stepping it up. Splyce was the only team to truly test Optic Gaming, and the potential for a championship win is there.

Predicted Finish- 5th-6th - I expected Splyce to cruise through Group Stages just as they did, but I did not expect them to dominate in their Winner's Bracket run. I will be the first to say I vastly underrated the team.

Power Rankings- 9th - I was a bit surprised to see the lack of people giving Splyce a better ranking. Some people had them in their top 5, while most votes had them barely in their Top-10. It was a very spread survey which resulted in a lower Ranking Pre-Vegas. Some commented that the team seemed like an odd mix of players, others commented on clashing personalities, but Splyce put all that aside and put on a show throughout the event.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 1 Star - Before CWL Las Vegas began, I was asked why I gave Splyce such a bad Roster Rating and still had them finishing at 5th-6th. A quick recap for those who are not clear: Roster Rating is a team's chances of winning the upcoming event (according to opinion and predictions), not the team's overall ability or their quality. As I made my predictions for the event, I was very confident on Splyce not winning it all, but as I mentioned above, I vastly underrated this team. I was not sold on their Hardpoint before Vegas and felt this might be a weakness. They proved me wrong because even though their Hardpoint was not the best in the tournament, Splyce's SnD and Control were amazing.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 5 Stars - Splyce proved to have an ability to put OpTic Gaming on edge during Winner's Final. No one can watch Splyce's performance during CWL Las Vegas and say that this roster is not a contender to win a championship in future Black Ops 4 events.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
4 Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming 4th 8th Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 4th - Luminosity Gaming came into CWL Las Vegas with probably the most exciting trio of players. Gunless, Formal, and John all seemed poised to prove a point, and they secured Pro-League qualification with their performance. What they lacked in leadership they made up with pure talent, but they struggled organized teams such as Optic Gaming and Str8 Rippin. Their placing might have left a sour taste, but they definitely proved many doubters wrong. It is very exciting to see what they can achieve in future events, and they definitely have a strong chance of a victory any event with this talent. Gunless's individual performances throughout the event were great to watch.

Predicted Finish- 4th - Luminosity Gaming's placement was exactly what I had predicted for the team, yet they took a very different path from what I expected. The team still had a good showing and they can build off this performance.

Power Rankings- 8th - Not a lot of people were confident in Luminosity. The main concern by most participants was their lack of a true in-game leader to glue all the pieces together. The release of JKap was key in their drop, but they definitely proved many wrong.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 3 Stars - I placed Luminosity Gaming as an underdog for CWL Las Vegas. I knew they had the ability to perform, but I did not know how quick they would get going.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 4 Stars - The team has a strong chance in any upcoming events. They may still not be considered favorites heading in, but their chances at a championship win are strong.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
5-6 Lightning Pandaslogo std.png Lightning Pandas 13th-16th N/A N/A Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 5th-6th - Lighting Pandas were simply amazing in CWL Las Vegas. I definitely didn't give this squad the love they deserved. They defined what hard work and trying to prove doubters wrong can do to a team. I don't believe anyone had this team doing well, besides one of the 15 Power Ranking participants who placed them at 10th in his Power Rankings. The team impressively began the event placing first in Pool C, yet fell to Team Sween (A huge surprise themselves) in Winner's Round 1. It would be a tough road ahead, but Lightning Pandas dispatched of both Team Envy and Evil Geniuses to reach Top-6. Europe has a new hope?

Predicted Finish- 13th-16th - Yea... this one hurts. I definitely underrated the European team. It is amazing what they accomplished and I am glad they proved me wrong.

Power Rankings- N/A - Lighting Pandas appeared only once in the Top-10 out of 15 participants. They did not beat out any of the teams in the list.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- N/A - As stated above.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 2 Stars - I am not yet confident in saying that Lightning Pandas have a good chance of winning an event. Their Roster Rating remains low, but I will definitely not make the same prediction mistake twice. Their performance at CWL Las Vegas was eye-catching and there is potential for a better rating down the road.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
5-6 Logo std2.png Team Sween 13th-16th N/A N/A Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 5th-6th - What a story for this European roster. Team Sween came into CWL Las Vegas with intent. Listed as one of the notable teams in the Open Bracket (and with good reason), the team made it to Pools and surprisingly placed second in Pool A. Their performance was capitalized by a 3-0 drubbing of 100 Thieves followed by quickly taking care of Team Reciprocity. Team Sween then sent their fellow Europeans Lightning Pandas down to the losers bracket. Once in Top-6, Team Sween lost a very tough matchup against Splyce and was later eliminated by Luminosity Gaming. These players proved themselves to the CWL, and although I find it highly unlikely this team wins an event, it is very possible they make it the Pro-League.

Predicted Finish- 13th-16th - Once again, I terribly underrated a European team. I predicted Pre-Vegas that Team Sween would make it out of the Open Bracket. I was also fairly confident that they would do well in any Pool they would get slotted in. I was definitely not expecting them to get second in Pool A though. It is great to see another team proving doubters wrong. I originally believed that they could make a bit of noise through the Loser's Bracket.

Power Rankings- N/A - Team Sween was not mentioned by any of the 15 participants.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- N/A - They didn't have a rank as stated above.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 2 Stars - Just as Lightning Pandas, I do not yet believe Team Sween can win a championship. Their performances against top competition definitely showed potential, but I still find it unlikely that they could go all the way.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
7-8 Str8 Rippinlogo std.png Str8 Rippin 5th-6th 3rd Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 7th-8th - Str8 Rippin came out of nowhere at the start of the Black Ops 4 season. Their online performances throughout preseason were very strong, and everyone was excited to see how this team would do at CWL Las Vegas. They were not a Pool Play team to start off, but Mindfreak and UYU could not stand in their way through Play-IN. Once qualified, they were slotted into the most erratic pool of the tournament, Pool C. It was time to prove that their team was not just online, and prove they did. The team placed second in Pool C, boasting a 3-1 record with Lightning Pandas. Their placing gave them a killer Winner's Round 1 match against eUnited which sent them early into the Loser's Bracket. Once here, Str8 Rippin Eliminated the European Giant Red Reserve but ultimately fell to Luminosity Gaming in a very close series for a 7th-8th placing.

Predicted Finish- 5th-6th - I always believed that Str8 Rippin was not just online. It is very exciting to see what the future holds for this roster.

Power Rankings- 3rd- I felt this rating was rather high as the participants finished the voting. Their team was spread all around, but they definitely proved that they are a top team.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 2 Stars - Although their Power Ranking was 3rd, I did not give the team a good Roster Rating. I found it unlikely they would be able to take on the top teams. A very close series with Luminosity makes me think "What If they had beaten Luminosity".

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 2 Stars - I love the roster but I do not believe they are ready to win an event just yet. They may improve to underdogs before the next event, but for now, I see it as unlikely.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
7-8 Evil Geniuseslogo std.png Evil Geniuses 9th-12th 11th Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 7th-8th - Evil Geniuses was in disarray at the start of the season. They had just lost the World War II champions to Team Envy, and their new roster didn't really seem to be what everyone was expecting. The team was slowly stabilizing before CWL Las Vegas, but they needed something to take them to the next level... and they picked Revan as the Call of Duty coach. Victories against Luminosity Gaming and Red Reserve quickly turned eyes as they went undefeated in Day 1. It went downhill after an amazing Friday. A sweep by open-bracket team Heretics marked the first blow in a rocky end by EG at CWL Las Vegas. They came out of Pool B with the first seed regardless but were then convincingly swept by Splyce in Winner's Bracket Round 1. The team managed to regain enough to eliminate Team Reciprocity but were then eliminated themselves by the other Europeans Lightning Pandas. Revan now has time before the next event, and it will be very interesting to see how the team progresses.

Predicted Finish- 9th-12th - I originally predicted EG would finish 3rd in their pool and crash out in the Loser's Bracket. I did not expect much from the team, but their performance on Friday is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Power Rankings- 11th- EG was the lowest ranking team in the preseason Power Rankings. I am not sure how much their performance will affect future Power Rankings.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 1 Star - As CWL Las Vegas began, I was not confident in EG. I was fairly confident they would not win CWL Las Vegas.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 2 Stars - The addition of Revan makes me very excited to see their future performances. This will definitely make EG a far more competitive team, but it would still be unlikely to see them winning a championship in the near future.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
9-12 Red Reservelogo std.png Red Reserve EU 7th-8th 7th Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 9th-12th - It is hard to say what happened to Red Reserve during CWL Las Vegas. They were expected to have a strong performance in representation of Europe. A 1-3 record for Pools was not a good start although this does not tell the whole story. Most of these matches were very close, but they were unable to 'clutch-up'. The team never really seemed comfortable. Red Reserve have a history of strong Loser's Bracket runs and people seemed to think they would do it once again. It began with two wins against Mindfreak and Pittsburgh Knights, but they were eliminated by Str8 Rippin for a 9th-12th placing.

Predicted Finish- 7th-8th - Red Reserve was a bold pick in my prediction as I placed them finishing 7th-8th. This was possibly an off-tournament for the team. I never expected them to place below my prediction.

Power Rankings- 7th - The team was a very consistent pick from 4th-8th for all power ranking participants.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 3 Stars - Even though I had predicted a 7th-8th finish, I still gave the roster a 3-star rating. I had a feeling they would just steamroll past my prediction.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 3 Stars - Their performance left much to be desired. I still believe that Red Reserve will have a strong comeback. You can never count out the European Giants.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
9-12 Hundred Thieveslogo std.png Hundred Thieves 3rd 4th Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngStarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 9th-12th - 100 Thieves... That was bad. A team with this much talent had a dreadful showing. Nadeshot's return to Call of Duty was expected to be a much flashier one. 100 Thieves began preseason pretty cold, but they seemed to be improving as we got closer to the first event of the year. They were considered by many a Top-5 team heading into CWL Las Vegas. 100 Thieves finished day 1 with a 2-1 record, but day 2 did not go as planned. The match against Team Sween sealed their tournament. At no point throughout the series, you truly thought, "100 Thieves might bounce back now". Maps 1 and 2 quickly went Team Sween's way, and Control seemed to be the swing map to bring 100 Thieves back into the game. Kenny commented before the match that their Control was the best in the game. He may have had a point since they ended with a 5-1 record in Control, but their loss came against Team Sween. They were dominated from start to finish in the Control. Round One was one of the fastest Control rounds I have seen, and the next two were not much better. The Listen-IN with 100 Thieves seemed staggered, unorganized, and at one point it even seemed to go silent.

Predicted Finish- 3rd - I was quite off with my prediction. I believed they had enough to earn automatic qualification into the Pro-League.

Power Rankings- 4th - Most of the participants had 100 Thieves in their Top-5.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 5 Stars - 100 Thieves was a favorite heading into CWL Las Vegas. It was no trouble giving them a 5 Star rating.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating-3 Stars - You simply cannot count out a team with this much talent. They will definitely be able to contend for championships in the future, but they need to get their act together. Hardpoint and SnD definitely need work.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
9-12 Team Reciprocitylogo std.png Team Reciprocity 9th-12th 10th Starr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 9th-12th - Team Reciprocity came into CWL Las Vegas considered to be the #2 European team (Behind Red Reserve) and the #2 International team (Behind Splyce). Their future may be bright, but they finished where most people had predicted they would finish. The team landed in possibly the worst pool to make their debut. Reciprocity fell early into the Loser's Bracket after finishing fourth with a 1-3 record. They began a Loser's Bracket run with wins over Team Heretics and FaZe, but where eliminated by Evil Geniuses for a 9th-12th placing.

Predicted Finish- 9th-12th - This roster was exciting when it was formed, and I am expecting Tommey to make it work. The ex-Unilad players and Denz have enough ability to make noise in the CWL, but it will take time.

Power Rankings- 10th - Most participants placed Team Reciprocity as their number 10 team, and they landed around this area.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 1 Star - Although I was very fond of Team Reciprocity, I found it very unlikely that they would win CWL Las Vegas.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 1 Star - I feel this roster still needs more time. I do not see them winning an event in the near future.

Placing Team Predicted Finish Power Ranking Pre-Vegas Roster Rating Post-Vegas Roster Rating
9-12 Team EnVyUslogo std.png Team EnVyUs 9th-12th 6th Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png Starr.pngStarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.pngNostarr.png

Placing- 9th-12th - This was a tournament to forget for the defending Champs. It was simply bad. You could even atribute their Top-12 placing came only because they missed all the "Big" teams in the loser's bracket. This team had the talent to place much higher than 9th-12th, but they just didn't have a good event collectively.

Predicted Finish- 9th-12th - I was heavily criticized for placing Team Envy far below the predictions most people had. I didn't feel confident in the team. The first thing I was criticized for was that my predictions for CWL Las Vegas had Envy placing 9th-12th, the second thing was that I only gave Envy a 2-star (Unlikely they win CWL Las Vegas) Roster Rating Pre-Vegas, and third I commented that their World War II inconsistencies would remain.

Power Rankings- 6th - Team Envy made the Top-5 of many participants in the Power Ranking survey. Many participants were confident that adding Huke into the lineup would fix all inconsistencies the team had previously.

Pre-Vegas Roster Rating- 2 Stars - I was confident that the team was unlikely to win CWL Las Vegas. I had them placing lower in the bracket, but I did give them a higher possibility of winning the event than I did to Splyce. There was a feeling that they might prove me terribly wrong.

Post-Vegas Roster Rating- 2 Stars - I was unimpressed by Envy's SnD and Control. If they are looking to win championships they will need to improve these both. They were amazing in Hardpoint though.