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CWL/2016 Season/Europe/Stage 1/Challenge Division/ESL Event 3

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ESL CWL Challenge Division Tier 2 Event 3 Europe
League Information



  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • Best of 5 Series

Game Types and Maps

Included maps and modes:[1]

  • Hardpoint: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Stronghold
  • Search and Destroy: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Hunted, Infection, Redwood, Stronghold
  • Uplink: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Infection
  • Capture the Flag: Breach, Evac, Fringe, Stronghold

Prize Pool

$5,000 USD will be spread among the top 8 teams. [1]

Place Prize (USD) CWL Points Team
011st 1st $2,000 500 Milllogo std.png Millenium
022nd 2nd $1,000 300 BKNlogo std.png Baskonia eSports
043rd-4th 3rd-4th $500 200 Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports
Logo std2.png NeverDisappoint
5th-8th $250 150 TCMlogo std.png TCM-Gaming
Infslogo std.png Team Infused
Menacelogo std.png Team
VITlogo std.png Team Vitality


  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Infslogo std.png infs 3
  Logo std2.png DEX 0
  Infslogo std.png infs 3
  Sylogo std.png Sy 0
  Sylogo std.png Sy 3
  Orbit EUlogo std.png Orbit EU 2
  Infslogo std.png infs 2
  BKNlogo std.png BKN 3
  RTempologo std.png RTempo 3
  Logo std2.png Hayd is poo 1
  RTempologo std.png RTempo 0
  BKNlogo std.png BKN 3
  Logo std2.png PBro_Black 0
  BKNlogo std.png BKN 3
  BKNlogo std.png BKN 3
  Logo std2.png NeverDisappoint 0
  Logo std2.png NeverDisappoint 3
  IDominalogo std.png iDomina 2
  Logo std2.png NeverDisappoint 3
  IRNlogo std.png IRN 2
  Logo std2.png Syntic eSports DE 1
  IRNlogo std.png IRN 3
  Logo std2.png NeverDisappoint 3
  Menacelogo std.png Menace 1
  Enragedlogo std.png Enraged 2
  Menacelogo std.png Menace 3
  Menacelogo std.png Menace 3
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 2
  Logo std2.png eZ_Nation 0
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  BKNlogo std.png BKN 1
  Milllogo std.png Mill 3
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 3
  Logo std2.png Bang bang 0
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi
  UX Blogo std.png UX B DQ
  FabElogo std.png fabE DQ
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 3
  TCMlogo std.png TCM 1
  HGlogo std.png HG 3
  Logo std2.png Pickupz 1
  HGlogo std.png HG 0
  TCMlogo std.png TCM 3
  Logo std2.png KNES GAMING 0
  TCMlogo std.png TCM 3
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 0
  Milllogo std.png Mill 3
  VITlogo std.png VIT 3
  Logo std2.png Team Legacy 0
  VITlogo std.png VIT W
  EXRTlogo std.png EXRT FF
  Logo std2.png Team Spud 0
  EXRTlogo std.png EXRT 3
  VITlogo std.png VIT 1
  Milllogo std.png Mill 3
  Riftlogo std.png Rift 0
  KFlogo std.png KF 3
  KFlogo std.png KF 1
  Milllogo std.png Mill 3
  SGlogo std.png SG 0
  Milllogo std.png Mill 3

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