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Warthox Esport

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Warthox Esport
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Warthox Esports is a French esports team currently competing in Quake, Fortnite and Apex Legends.



  • 2019

Player Roster

  • Current
  • Former
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
10/2019 France Mistral Player
10/2019 France KaDyH Julien Gachadoat Player
10/2019 France KSWINNIIE Player
Date Left Player Role New Team
08/2019 France Vladede Player
08/2019 France Siilver Player
10/2019 France SpaceBud Player


  • Current
  • Former
Real Name IGN Position
France Lucas Poher Guoss Founder
 France  Paul C   Originals    CO-Owner&COO   

Team Achievements

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