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UGC: Predator Series 2
UGC Predator Series 2 Logo.png
League Information
OrganizerUGC Events U.S. Army Esports
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNorth America
Start Date2019-10-12
End Date2019-10-26

The UGC: Predator Series 2 is an Apex Legends tournament organized by U.S. Army Esports.


The Apex UGC: Predator Series 2 presented by U.S. Army Esports is an ongoing Apex Legends tournament spanning over two-weeks. The Apex Predator Series will feature a unique derby-style scoring system where players will be awarded points based off both kill counts and placings.

Apex Predator Series restricted to United Kingdom United States & Canada Canada only.


  • The derby format is a competitive scoring system for tournament play which awards points over a series of matches that are added together cumulatively for a combined score.
    • Teams will be able to compete freely in as many matches as they would like within the allotted time period (Oct. 12, 6:00 PM CT - Oct. 25, 6:00 PM CT) and submit the match results which they would like to be used for the Apex Predator Series scoring.
    • The ten (10) highest scores only will be considered.
  • Top 15 scoring teams will advance into the Predator Series Finals to compete alongside the U.S. Army Esports in a 16-team skirmish.
    • Teams competing in the Predator Series Finals will have a time frame of three (3) hours to play in as many games as they can where only the five (5) highest scoring matches will be counted towards the final score.
  • All matches should be played in the public playlist.
  • After the time expires, teams will NOT be able to submit match results, whether they are still playing in a game or not.

Point Distribution

Placement Points Placement Points
1st 40 11th 14
2nd 35 12th 12
3rd 30 13th 10
4th 28 14th 8
5th 26 15th 7
6th 24 16th 6
7th 22 17th 5
8th 20 18th 4
9th 18 19th 3
10th 16 20th 2
  • You get 1 point per kill (1 Kill = 1 Point).

Prize Pool

USD 4,000 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st $2,000
Silver.png 2nd $1,200
Bronze.png 3rd $800
Copper.png 4th
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