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{{NewsTeam|team=Rogue|text='''[[Dropped]]''' joins.}}
{{NewsTeam|team=Rogue|text='''[[Dropped]]''' joins.}}
{{NewsTeam|team=HSL Esports|text=[[kyuu]] leaves.}}
{{NewsTeam|team=HSL Esports|text=[[kyuu]] leaves.}}
{{NewsTeam|team=LVMG|text='''[[Bearmobile]]''' and '''[[hellyG]]''' join.}}
{{NewsTeam|team=LVMG|text='''[[Bearmobile]]''' and '''[[helly]]''' join.}}
{{NewsTeam|team=nerdRage|text='''[[Paradox]]''', '''[[Blasts]]''' and '''[[Tridon]]''' join.}}
{{NewsTeam|team=nerdRage|text='''[[Paradox]]''', '''[[Blasts]]''' and '''[[Tridon]]''' join.}}

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April 4th
OMGlogo std.png OMG Roster announced consisting of Pomelo, QHorm, Ran and Wen join.
April 3rd
Roguelogo std.png Rogue Dropped joins.
HSL Esportslogo std.png HSL kyuu leaves.
Las Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png LVMG Bearmobile and helly join.
April 2nd
NerdRagelogo std.png nerdRage Paradox, Blasts and Tridon join.
Etherian Esportslogo std.png Etherian KloudZ and Coughe join.
Coliseo Dragonslogo std.png Coliseo Toushi, ElTomMaister and Hallincar join.
April 1st
Las Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png LVMG Bruthaman leaves.
UYUlogo std.png UYU Samurai and FishyJD join.
March 31st
Spirit of Amigalogo std.png SOA Roster announced consisting of Claus, Kaeyyy and ungDesmo.
March 30th
Faceit logo small.png FACEIT Gold.png T1logo std.png T1 Silver.png NRG Esportslogo std.png NRG Esports in the T1 x FACEIT Invitational.
Umg logo small.png UMG Gold.pngWorld Best Gaming Whitelogo std.png World Best Gaming White Silver.pngTeam Reciprocitylogo std.png Team Reciprocity in the UMG Apex Legends Series Week 4.
DLive logo small.png DLive Gold.pngLogo std2.png CoCo Silver.pngROFLANQlogo std.png ROFLANQ in the Apex On DLive Tournament 3.
Wes logo small.png WES Gold.pngLas Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png Las Vegas MiniGunners Silver.pngRevenant Esportslogo std.png Revenant Esports in the WIRE Esports 1k Invitational.
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.png TeamJuan Silver.png MiTH1 in the Apex Asia Cup Finals.
EPunkslogo std.png ePunks Roster announced consisting of xSmarty, Mini and Edgy with Srilo joining as manager.
Zenith Esportslogo std.png Zenith Esports Roster announced consisting of Beilin, Bpodes and creedunce.
March 29th
Code Red logo small.png Code Red Gold.png King's Canyon Silver.png Reid's Money Team in the Code Red Tournament 3.
Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer Roster announced consisting of oScufix, Finest and Sweaterr.
Las Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png LVMG Seven ik leaves.
March 28th
Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas Shurimawizard, CrozzoveR and Mig_99 join.
Strong Esportslogo std.png Strong Roster of Team Bubbles acquired: oDangOdang, Padiwan and Ryot join.
Myztro Gaminglogo std.png Myztro Shy joins.
March 26th
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.pngSentinelslogo std.png Sentinels Silver.pngLogo std2.png Ava's Angels in the Apex Legends Challenge North America.
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.pngLogo std2.png Perrymones Silver.pngLogo std2.png Team Pepega in the Apex Legends Challenge Europe.
Kingsmenlogo std.png Kingsmen Poro, AlejandroSuntay and Blinktek join.
Sentinelslogo std.png Sentinels Payne, xretzi and zombs join.
March 25th
Revenant Esportslogo std.png Revenant k3nmeister, Sefux, Sparx and Pelle join.
Logo std2.png Team SFPD eSport Radium, nKo and rezless join.
Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer oScufix joins. Zurxzi leaves.
Logo std2.png AeQ Green AeQ Green roster officially announced consisting of angM. Matrixx and Emdy.
March 24th
Impact Gaminglogo std.png Impact Tipsy and Thuga join, while Tipsy and Thuga.
Strong logo small.png Strong Gold.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid Silver.pngLogo std2.png Pomp Moscles in the Strong Esports 2k Invitational.
Logo std2.png AeQ Pink AeQ Pink officially announced consisting of Shoyo, Bastii and Cookie.
March 23rd
Warthox Esportlogo std.png Warthox Gaxalies and Scarlet join.
Valor Upriselogo std.png Valor Uprise Volker, sk00t and Alligro join.
Umg logo small.png UMG Gold.pngT1logo std.png T1 Silver.pngGhost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Gaming in UMG Apex Legends Series Week 3.
Orlando Reaperslogo std.png Orlando Oveskis, Meskies and Lapskis join.
Wildcard Gaminglogo std.png Wildcard HenReel, Glahn and Nocturnal join.
Tempo Stormlogo std.png Tempo Solveful joins.
Isurus Gaminglogo std.png ISG Katten and town1 join.
March 22nd
Triumph Gaminglogo std.png Triumph evokje, Graceful and Veineless join.
March 21st
Cloud9logo std.png C9 Full roster officially announced consisting of: PVPX, Grego, iam_chappie and Frexs.
Wind and Rainlogo std.png Wind and Rain F4yding, nOOK and Sweggy join.
HSL Esportslogo std.png HSL JB99, kyuu and Fors join, while buddha joins as the manager and Xeon joins as coach.
March 20th
Riddle Esportslogo std.png Riddle Pjeh, Noth and Taylor join.
UYUlogo std.png UYU BixLe joins.
March 19th
Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM Diegosaurs joins.
March 18th
Justice Esportslogo std.png Justice AceyBaby joins.
Logo std2.png AeQ Matrixx joins.
March 17th
Tempo Stormlogo std.png Tempo Dcop, Drenzi, Etheriia and Zeerocious join, while CAlan joins as manager.
3DMAXlogo std.png 3DMAX ASKYY, Daze and laggeRR join.
March 16th
Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer Sweaterr joins while Kovaak leaves.
Nocturns Gaminglogo std.png Nocturns Crimson, FuzzyL0gic and Stronk join.
Umg logo small.png UMG Gold.pngLogo std2.png Team Bubbles Silver.pngLas Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png Las Vegas MiniGunners in UMG Legends Series Week 2.
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.pngMiTH1logo std.png MiTH1 Silver.pngLogo std2.png Pogobrother in the Apex Hero Live Challenge Cup.
March 15th
T1logo std.png T1 Kurt, BcJ and zerg join.
Team Squarelogo std.png Square Organization acquires ttott's roster: DEL, Ryoko and zanda join.
March 14th
World Best Gaming Blacklogo std.png WBGB Cohdi, Venomous and Speedhack join.
Polar Acelogo std.png Polar Ace Polar Ace Black, Polar Ace Purple and Polar Ace Orange squad rosters announced.
OverKnightlogo std.png OverKnight KulaFrost and Bomberj join.
March 13th
KamiKazelogo std.png KamiKaze God_jez leaves.
OverKnightlogo std.png OverKnight Animal joins
T1logo std.png T1 Sonii and JuanKorea join.
March 12th
MTwlogo std.png mTw resu, morphYy, rizaR and thunder join.
March 11th
Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer Finest, Kovaak and Zurxzi join.
March 10th
Conquer Gaminglogo std.png Conquer Mimu, rette and Zerotsu join.
YMCA Esportslogo std.png YMCA T0MA joins.
YMCA Esportslogo std.png YMCA Full roster for YMCA Red and YMCA Blue officially announced.
March 9th
Strong logo small.png Strong Gold.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid Silver.pngWorld Best Gaminglogo std.png World Best Gaming in the Strong Esports 1k Invitational.
March 8th
Isurus Gaminglogo std.png ISG Pibbee and snoughT join.
Sinisters Esportslogo std.png SINS Halcyon, Puleule, Capi and Law join.
Umg logo small.png UMG Gold.pngWorld Best Gaming Whitelogo std.png World Best Gaming White Silver.pngWorld Best Gaming Blacklogo std.png World Best Gaming Black in UMG Legends Series Week 1.
March 7th
World Best Gaminglogo std.png WBG birt, Monsoon and Urban join while Raeldon joins as head coach.
G2 Esportslogo std.png G2 Esports NoWonder and Saken join the organization's Apex Legends roster.
Team Liquidlogo std.png TL Caliburn, Casper, Flanker and Rogue join.
March 6th
Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM ImperialHal, ProdigyAces and THump join.
NRG Esportslogo std.png NRG Ace joins.
March 5th
Morning Starslogo std.png SMS Caspere, Leodeddz and Nisa join.
March 4th
Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Chris, Jay3, Mohr and peesh join.
Las Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png LVMG FuTuRe_JeN joins.
PENTAlogo std.png PENTA Nesh, oraxe and WACKO join.
March 3rd
Logo std2.png Attack All Around MoDra, Mckenz1e and MicrowaveXII join.
March 2nd
DLive logo small.png DLive Gold.png Impulse Silver.png Team Kephrii in Apex On DLive Tournament 2.
JKKlogo std.png JKK Mausi, F44LA and Nexo join with Mefisto as manager.
Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble BlitziiN, xDzurv and mikeysnipey join the organization's Apex Legends roster.
March 1st
Code Red logo small.png Code Red Gold.png Logo std2.png King's Canyon Silver.png Logo std2.png The Big Weiners in Code Red Apex Legends 2.
Demiselogo std.png Demise Encle, Foelsgaard and Iction join.
Cloud9logo std.png C9 Grego joins.
Gen.Glogo std.png Gen.G GrimReality, dummy and silkthread join.
MRKN Clanlogo std.png MRKN Carterr, Messy and Smit join.
CrowCrowdlogo std.png CrowCrowd Desertuk, Fyzu and Wrugb join.
February 28th
Logo std2.png Skull Town bohon, Colbys and Profi join.
Euronics Gaminglogo std.png ESG dimi, xinje and nieSoW join.
February 27th
YMCA Esportslogo std.png YMCA smythj joins.
February 26th
100 Thieveslogo std.png 100 Lifted joins.
100 Thieveslogo std.png 100 Teenage joins.
YMCA Esportslogo std.png YMCA Kouhia joins.
February 25th
100 Thieveslogo std.png 100 Gigz joins.
9z Teamlogo std.png 9z Team Brenin, Nozwer and KISSMYAUG join.
February 24th
Comrade Gaminglogo std.png Comrade Gaming TGB, GARCIA, Vendetta and SKELETON join.
February 23rd
Las Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png LVMG ohaaiii, Seven ik and Bruthaman join.
Lazaruslogo std.png Lazarus BigEKnows, S16oz and Trevv join.
February 22nd
Cloud9logo std.png C9 PVPX joins.
February 21st
MiTH3logo std.png MiTH3 viperdemon, Freddy and VINTOREZ join.
February 19th
Impact Gaminglogo std.png Impact Frvnkie, TooBlank and JoeyBlackout join.
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.png Scott's Tots Silver.png TSM in Twitch Rivals NA Week 2.
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.png Solary Silver.png Tamandir in Twitch Rivals EU Week 2.
February 17th
Midnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight Esports Scupper, Drifter and Apsxs join.
Team Singularitylogo std.png SNG Chaz, phods and Ramses join.
POWERHAUSlogo std.png POWERHAUS KiddKyle, CeeZee, Elcostco and KinKade join.
February 16th
Code Red logo small.png Code Red Gold.png Ninja, Dizzy, KingRichard; Silver.png DrDisrespect, Viss, RealKraftyy in Code Red Apex Legends 02/15.
February 15th
SpaceStation Gaminglogo std.png SSG LyndonFPS, Thanks4Dying and pfitter join.
MiTH2logo std.png MiTH2 Chambers, MinORu and JinNy join MiTH Team #2.
February 14th
YMCA Esportslogo std.png YMCA WEku, Despe and Jerppe join.
February 13th
Logo std2.png MEGA 1 Envyx, Lawlezz, ZtRiKiE and Zynnlol join.
Logo std2.png MEGA 2 Conaxy, Eaddy and ZERENO join.
February 12th
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.png King's Canyon Silver.png Reid's Money Team in Twitch Rivals NA Week 1.
Twitch logo small.png Twitch Gold.png Team JBZZ Silver.png Team Nordics in Twitch Rivals EU Week 1.
MiTH1logo std.png MiTH1 Tanx, CigaretteS and J9 join MiTH Team #1.
February 11th
NRG Esportslogo std.png NRG Dizzy joins.
February 10th
Roguelogo std.png Rogue HusKers, Meerko, Reum and sweetdreams join.
February 8th
Myztro Gaminglogo std.png Myztro Roster announced consisting of Hell, Hamsword and GaRpY.