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Team FiRE

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Team FiRE
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Team Information
LocationUnited States
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Team FiRE is a North American esports organization based in Salem, WI USA. On 4 April, 2019, the organization announced its first 2 rosters for Apex Legends consisting of Lasius, Laxnacke ,Zach, Layn, Jjdlp and Beann



  • 2019

Player Roster

  • Current
  • Former
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
04/2019 USA Lasius Antonio Dones Player
[[]] Player
04/2019 USA Jjdlp Jose Pangelinan Player
04/2019 Sweden Laxnacke Elias Tannerfalk Player
08/2019 Canada Urban Jonathon Boland Player
08/2019 Canada Birt Mitchell Casey Player
Date Left Player Role New Team
09/2019 USA Beann Player None
06/2019 USA Android Dream Player None
06/2019 USA Poohskyy Player Susquehanna Soniqslogo std.png Soniqs
06/2019 USA devita Player None
08/2019 Canada Layn Player None
08/2019 USA Zach Player FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest


  • Current
Real Name IGN Position
USA Paul Gagliardi - CEO
USA Alexander Bajjan2k Coach

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Prize Roster
2019-09-15 EAlogo small.pngApex Legends Preseason Invitational $ UrbanBirtLax


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