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Strong Esports Invitational Series 1

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Strong Esports 1k Invitational
League Information
OrganizerStrong Esports, GamerzArena
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2019-03-09
End Date2019-03-09

The Strong Esports 1k Invitational is an Apex Legends tournament organized by Strong Esports and GamerzArena. It consists of an Open Qualifier with a prize pool of $500 where the top 4 teams move on to the invitational. The Open Qualifier was held from February 28th, 2019 to March 2nd, 2019.


  • 16 teams participating
    • Top 4 teams from the Open Qualifier
    • Professional teams and streamers invited.

Prize Pool

USD 1,000 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $1,000 Team Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid RogueCasperFlanker
Silver.png 2nd World Best Gaminglogo std.png World Best Gaming UrbanbirtMonsoon
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png Team Bubbles oDangOdangPadiwanRyot
Copper.png 4th Logo std2.png Pomp Moscles k4shPostKiLLPsycle
5th Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 PVPXGregoFrexs
6th Logo std2.png Myami Dolfins [[]]
7th Morning Starslogo std.png Morning Stars NisaCaspereLeodeddz
8th Lazaruslogo std.png Lazarus BigEKnowsS16ozTrevv
9th Logo std2.png WLFF BlasQuwittypandaWazim
10th Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble Esports BlitziiNMikeysnipeyxDzurv
11th SpaceStation Gaminglogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming LyndonFPSThanks4Dyingpfitter
12th Logo std2.png Team Kaliber FrankieYohanTantric


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Logo std2.png Badger & Team
Logo std2.png Myami Dolfins

Schedule & VODs

  • Start Time: March 9, 2019 - 7pm EST
  • End Time : March 9, 2019 - 9pm EST



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