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<!-- ROUND OF 64 (Ro64) -->
|R1D3={{Team|back2back}} |R1D3score=10
|R1D4={{Team|VinnigeVroetelVarkies}} |R1D4score=0
|R1D5=  |R1D5score=
|R1D6=  |R1D6score=
|R1D7=  |R1D7score=
|R1D8=  |R1D8score=
|R1D9=  |R1D9score=
|R1D10=  |R1D10score=
|R1D11=  |R1D11score=
|R1D12=  |R1D12score=
|R1D13=  |R1D13score=
|R1D14=  |R1D14score=
|R1D15=  |R1D15score=
|R1D16=  |R1D16score=
|R1D17=  |R1D17score=
|R1D18=  |R1D18score=
|R1D19=  |R1D19score=
|R1D20=  |R1D20score=
|R1D21=  |R1D21score=
|R1D22=  |R1D22score=
|R1D23=  |R1D23score=
|R1D24=  |R1D24score=
|R1D25=  |R1D25score=
|R1D26=  |R1D26score=
|R1D27=  |R1D27score=
|R1D28=  |R1D28score=
|R1D29=  |R1D29score=
|R1D30=  |R1D30score=
|R1D31=  |R1D31score=
|R1D32=  |R1D32score=
|R1D33=  |R1D33score=
|R1D34=  |R1D34score=
|R1D35=  |R1D35score=
|R1D36=  |R1D36score=
|R1D37=  |R1D37score=
|R1D38=  |R1D38score=
|R1D39=  |R1D39score=
|R1D40=  |R1D40score=
|R1D41=  |R1D41score=
|R1D42=  |R1D42score=
|R1D43=  |R1D43score=
|R1D44=  |R1D44score=
|R1D45=  |R1D45score=
|R1D46=  |R1D46score=
|R1D47=  |R1D47score=
|R1D48=  |R1D48score=
|R1D49=  |R1D49score=
|R1D50=  |R1D50score=
|R1D51=  |R1D51score=
|R1D52=  |R1D52score=
|R1D53=  |R1D53score=
|R1D54=  |R1D54score=
|R1D55=  |R1D55score=
|R1D56=  |R1D56score=
|R1D57=  |R1D57score=
|R1D58=  |R1D58score=
|R1D59=  |R1D59score=
|R1D60=  |R1D60score=
|R1D61=  |R1D61score=
|R1D62=  |R1D62score=
|R1D63=  |R1D63score=
|R1D64=  |R1D64score=
<!-- ROUND OF 32 (Ro32) -->
|R2W1=  |R2W1score=
|R2W2=  |R2W2score=
|R2W3=  |R2W3score=
|R2W4=  |R2W4score=
|R2W5=  |R2W5score=
|R2W6=  |R2W6score=
|R2W7=  |R2W7score=
|R2W8=  |R2W8score=
|R2W9=  |R2W9score=
|R2W10=  |R2W10score=
|R2W11=  |R2W11score=
|R2W12=  |R2W12score=
|R2W13=  |R2W13score=
|R2W14=  |R2W14score=
|R2W15=  |R2W15score=
|R2W16=  |R2W16score=
|R2W17=  |R2W17score=
|R2W18=  |R2W18score=
|R2W19=  |R2W19score=
|R2W20=  |R2W20score=
|R2W21=  |R2W21score=
|R2W22=  |R2W22score=
|R2W23=  |R2W23score=
|R2W24=  |R2W24score=
|R2W25=  |R2W25score=
|R2W26=  |R2W26score=
|R2W27=  |R2W27score=
|R2W28=  |R2W28score=
|R2W29=  |R2W29score=
|R2W30=  |R2W30score=
|R2W31=  |R2W31score=
|R2W32=  |R2W32score=
  <!-- ROUND OF 16 (Ro16) -->
  <!-- ROUND OF 16 (Ro16) -->
|R3W1=   |R3W1score=
|R1D1={{TeamShort|back2back}}  |R1D1score=
|R3W2=   |R3W2score=
|R1D2={{TeamShort|LOVE Green}}  |R1D2score=
|R3W3=   |R3W3score=
|R1D3={{TeamShort|Xavier Onyx}}  |R1D3score=
|R3W4=   |R3W4score=
|R1D4={{TeamShort|LOVE Purple}}  |R1D4score=
|R3W5=   |R3W5score=
|R1D5={{TeamShort|Oi Bois}}  |R1D5score=
|R3W6=   |R3W6score=
|R1D6={{TeamShort|Gatekeepers}}  |R1D6score=
|R3W7=   |R3W7score=
|R1D7={{TeamShort|EmCee Asia}}  |R1D7score=
|R3W8=   |R3W8score=
|R1D8={{TeamShort|LOVE EU}}  |R1D8score=
|R3W9=   |R3W9score=
|R1D9={{TeamShort|Dead Inside}}  |R1D9score=
|R3W10= |R3W10score=
|R1D10={{TeamShort|onetap}} |R1D10score=
|R3W11= |R3W11score=
|R1D11={{TeamShort|Gamer Gamers}} |R1D11score=
|R3W12= |R3W12score=
|R1D12={{TeamShort|ROFLANQ}} |R1D12score=
|R3W13= |R3W13score=
|R1D13={{TeamShort|FineAlice}} |R1D13score=
|R3W14= |R3W14score=
|R1D14={{TeamShort|LOVE Gaming}} |R1D14score=
|R3W15= |R3W15score=
|R1D15={{TeamShort|NoBrainonlyAim}} |R1D15score=
|R3W16= |R3W16score=
|R1D16={{TeamShort|Fumetas}} |R1D16score=
|R4W1=   |R4W1score=
|R2W1={{TeamShort|back2back}}  |R2W1score=
|R4W2=   |R4W2score=
|R2W2={{TeamShort|Xavier Onyx}}  |R2W2score=
|R4W3=   |R4W3score=
|R2W3={{TeamShort|Gatekeepers}}  |R2W3score=
|R4W4=   |R4W4score=
|R2W4={{TeamShort|LOVE EU}}  |R2W4score=
|R4W5=   |R4W5score=
|R2W5={{TeamShort|Dead Inside}}  |R2W5score=
|R4W6=   |R4W6score=
|R2W6={{TeamShort|ROFLANQ}}  |R2W6score=
|R4W7=   |R4W7score=
|R2W7={{TeamShort|FineAlice}}  |R2W7score=
|R4W8=   |R4W8score=
|R2W8={{TeamShort|NoBrainonlyAim}}  |R2W8score=
  <!-- SEMIFINALS -->
  <!-- SEMIFINALS -->
|R5W1=   |R5W1score=
|R3W1={{TeamShort|Xavier Onyx}}  |R3W1score=61
|R5W2=   |R5W2score=
|R3W2={{TeamShort|Gatekeepers}}  |R3W2score=41
|R5W3=   |R5W3score=
|R3W3={{TeamShort|Dead Inside}}  |R3W3score=69
|R5W4=   |R5W4score=
|R3W4={{TeamShort|NoBrainonlyAim}}  |R3W4score=14
  <!-- FINAL MATCH -->
  <!-- FINAL MATCH -->
|R6W1=   |R6W1score=
|R4W1={{TeamShort|Xavier Onyx}}  |R4W1score=59
|R6W2=   |R6W2score=
|R4W2={{TeamShort|Dead Inside}}  |R4W2score=70
  <!-- 3RD PLACE (optional) -->
  <!-- 3RD PLACE (optional) -->
|R6D1=   |R6D1score=
|R4D1=Gatekeepers  |R4D1score=0
|R6D2=   |R6D2score=
|R4D2=NoBrainonlyAim  |R4D2score=41

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Overview   Qualifier    
Rivalcade Rumble Qualifier
League Information
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerGlobal
Start Date2019-08-24
End Date2019-08-24

The Rivalcade Rumble is an Apex Legends tournament organized by Rivalcade.



  • Matches are made up of 2 rounds. This means that each match 2 games of Apex Legends will be played and the points will be accrued over those 2 matches to come to a final score. The team with the higher score over those 2 matches will move on in the bracket.
  • Teams will not be directly playing with their opponents. Teams will queue separately online and attempt to earn as many points as possible in the game.
  • Players need to use accounts that are over level 10. Attempting to abuse the queuing system by using an account lower than level 10 will result in disqualification.
  • Teams can earn points per game based on the following:
    • Kill = 1 point
    • 1st = 7 points
  • Respawn farming is allowed ONLY up until 3 squads remaining. If teams are caught farming kills when there is 3 or less teams remaining, they will be disqualified.
  • In the case of a tie, the team with the highest kill game will be the winner.

Prize Pool

USD 500 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st $300 Logo std2.png Dead Inside
Silver.png 2nd $100 Xavier Onyxlogo std.png Xavier Onyx
Bronze.png 3rd $50 Logo std2.png NoBrainonlyAim
Copper.png 4th Logo std2.png Gatekeepers

Notable Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Crescent Esportslogo std.png Crescent Esports
Logo std2.png Dead Inside
EmCee Asialogo std.png EmCee Asia
Estral E-sportslogo std.png Estral E-sports
For The Win Esportslogo std.png For The Win Esports
Logo std2.png Gatekeepers
Illuminate Esportslogo std.png Illuminate Esports
LOVE Gaminglogo std.png LOVE Gaming
LOVE Purplelogo std.png LOVE Purple
Logo std2.png NoBrainonlyAim
Playing Duckslogo std.png Playing Ducks
SJ Gaminglogo std.png SJ Gaming
Logo std2.png SJP2
SORTlogo std.png SORT
Xavier Mysticslogo std.png Xavier Mystics
Xavier Onyxlogo std.png Xavier Onyx


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png back2back
  Logo std2.png LOVE Green
  Logo std2.png back2back
  Xavier Onyxlogo std.png XV Onyx
  Xavier Onyxlogo std.png XV Onyx
  LOVE Purplelogo std.png LOVE Purple
  Xavier Onyxlogo std.png XV Onyx 61
  Logo std2.png Gatekeepers 41
  Logo std2.png Oi Bois
  Logo std2.png Gatekeepers
  Logo std2.png Gatekeepers
  Logo std2.png LOVE EU
  EmCee Asialogo std.png EmCee Asia
  Logo std2.png LOVE EU
  Xavier Onyxlogo std.png XV Onyx 59
  Logo std2.png Dead Inside 70
  Logo std2.png Dead Inside
  Logo std2.png onetap
  Logo std2.png Dead Inside
  ROFLANQlogo std.png ROFLANQ
  Logo std2.png Gamer Gamers
  ROFLANQlogo std.png ROFLANQ
  Logo std2.png Dead Inside 69
3rd place match
  Logo std2.png NoBrainonlyAim 14
  Logo std2.png FineAlice   Gatekeepers 0
  LOVE Gaminglogo std.png LOVE Gaming   NoBrainonlyAim 41
  Logo std2.png FineAlice
  Logo std2.png NoBrainonlyAim
  Logo std2.png NoBrainonlyAim
  Logo std2.png Fumetas

Schedule & VODs


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