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Instinct Esports

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Instinct Esports
Team Information
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Instinct Esports is a Greece-based esports organization, known for its teams in various game titles. The organization has rosters competing in PUBG and Rainbow Six:Siege as well as Apex Legends. An Apex roster was announced on the 6th of April 2019.



  • 2019

Player Roster

  • Current
  • Former
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
04/2019 United Kingdom bustmypistachio Christian Turner Player
04/2019 Romania QQBAU Adrian Cucu Player
04/2019 Bosnia shinez Benjamin Brkic Player


  • Current
  • Former
Real Name IGN Position
 Greece  Nick Mastrokolias      Co-founder   
 Greece  Spiros Tzanetis      Co-founder   
 Greece  Theofanis Gavriilidis      Social Media Manager   

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Prize Roster
4-13-2019 Bronze2.png Liquid Apex Proving Grounds/Week 3 - shineZpistachiocucubau
2019-05-06 7th Apex pro.pngAPEX.PRO Europe League - Season 3 $ shineZpistachiocucubau
2019-04-28 Silver2.png AOC Apex Legends by PlayGain $ 250 PistachioCucubauShinez
2019-04-21 Gold2.png AOC Apex Legends by PlayGain Qualifier 2 $ 250 PistachioCucubauShineZ
04/06/2019 Gold2.png Liquid Apex Logo Black Small.pngLiquid Apex Proving Grounds 2 $ 1,000 shinezpistachiocucubau


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