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GamersOrigin is a French esports organization that also competes on League of Legends, Fortnite, Hearthstone and more. On September 11th, 2019, the organization announced its first roster for Apex Legends consisting of wSerious, Osnazeni and Mpé.



  • 2019

Player Roster

  • Current
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
11/09/2019 France wSerious Romain Dittmann Player
11/09/2019 France Osnazeni Ivan Markeljic Player
11/09/2019 France Mpé Matthieu Pereira Player


  • Current
Real Name IGN Position
France Guillaume Merlini Guillaume CEO

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Prize Roster
2019-09-15 Copper2.png EAlogo small.pngApex Legends Preseason Invitational $ 48,000 wSeriousOsnazeniMpé
2019-05-30 8th Apex pro.pngAPEX.PRO Europe League - Season 4 $ wSeriousOsnazeni
2019-05-27 Silver2.png Apex pro.pngAPEX.PRO Europe League - Season 5 $ wSeriousOsnazeniMpé
2019-04-07 Silver2.png La Catalane Tournament € 4,200


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