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Background Information
NameMitchell Guernica
Country of BirthUnited States
TeamSpaceStation Gaming
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Logo std2.png LFOffersFeb 2019Sep 2019
Player2 Icon.png
SpaceStation Gaminglogo std.png SSGSep 2019Current
Player2 Icon.png

"Bird" (Real Name: Mitchell Guernica) is an American Apex Legends player, currently a Player for SpaceStation Gaming.




Date Event Place Winnings Team
4-13-2019 Liquid Apex Proving Grounds/Week 3 A22nd Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-09-15 EAlogo small.png Apex Legends Preseason Invitational C828th $ SpaceStation Gaminglogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming
2019-08-25 Rivalcadelogo std.png Rivalcade Rumble A33rd $ 500 SpaceStation Gaminglogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming
2019-05-30 Faceit logo small.png FACEIT Pro Series Qualifier A33rd $ Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-05-18 Wes logo small.png WIRE Esports Global 2.5k A11st $ 2,000 Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-05-18 Apex pro.png APEX.PRO NA Season 5 B515th $ Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-05-06 APEX.PRO NA Season 4 A55th $ Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-05-04 Liquid Apex Logo Black Small.png Liquid Apex Proving Grounds 5 A22nd $ 300 Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-04-20 Team Kaliber All Day A11st $ 650 Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-04-19 Team Kaliber All Day Qualifier A11st $ Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-04-07 Strong logo small.png Strong Esports Invitational Series 3 A44th 200 Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-04-06 Umg logo small.png UMG Apex Legends Series/Week 5 A99th $ Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-03-30 Strong logo small.png Strong Esports Premier Series 1 A11st $ 750 Logo std2.png LFOffers
2019-03-22 Strong logo small.png Strong Esports Invitational Series 3 - Qualifier A44th Logo std2.png Please Stop Aimbotting


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