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UGC: Predator Series 1

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UGC: Predator Series 1
UGC Predator Series.jpg
League Information
OrganizerUGC Events U.S. Army Esports
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNorth America
Start Date2019-08-09
End Date2019-08-24

The UGC: Predator Series 1 is an Apex Legends tournament organized by U.S. Army Esports.


The Apex Predator Series presented by U.S. Army Esports is an ongoing Apex Legends tournament spanning over two-weeks. The Apex Predator Series will feature a unique derby-style scoring system where players will be awarded points based off both kill counts and placings.

Apex Predator Series restricted to USA United States & Canada Canada only.


Starting on August 9 and ending on August 23, players will have the opportunity to play in as many matches as they can, factoring in only their ten highest scores for consideration, to which the top 15 teams will advance into the championship round on August 24 alongside the Army Esports team.

Point Distribution

Eliminations Points
1-4 4
5-8 6
9-12 8
13+ 10
Placement Points Placement Points
1st 60 11th 27
2nd 47 12th 25
3rd 45 13th 22
4th 44 14th 20
5th 43 15th 17
6th 40 16th 15
7th 37 17th 10
8th 35 18th 5
9th 32 19th 2
10th 30 20th 1

Prize Pool

USD 4,000 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st $2,000 Logo std2.png BMS
Silver.png 2nd $1,200 Sola Fide Bravologo std.png Sola Fide Bravo
Bronze.png 3rd $800 Logo std2.png BigD Gaming
Copper.png 4th Sola Fide Alphalogo std.png Sola Fide Alpha
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Notable Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters


Place Team Kills Score
1st Logo std2.png BMS 441 1680
2nd Sola Fide Bravologo std.png Sola Fide Bravo 462 1660
3rd Logo std2.png BigD Gaming 438 1580
4th Sola Fide Alphalogo std.png Sola Fide Alpha 451 1550
5th Guardian Gaminglogo std.png Guardian 449 1550
6th Logo std2.png BOT Squad 431 1440
7th Logo std2.png Bubble Butt Bottom Bois 403 1440
8th Logo std2.png DreadIQ - 1400
9th Logo std2.png Avocado Toast 421 1360
10th Logo std2.png YourOrgHere 454 1340
11th Logo std2.png Lost Legends 400 1340
12th DUSK Combat Forcelogo std.png DUSK CF 442 1330
13th USArmyEsportslogo std.png USAE 127 1330
14th Logo std2.png A Bear Rally 434 1320
15th Logo std2.png Total Self Destruct 379 1207
16th Logo std2.png Breezy 8Second Math 260 -

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