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Twitch Rivals: Road To TwitchCon Europe 2019

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Twitch Rivals
League Information
SponsorTwitch Prime
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerEU
Start Date2019-03-26
End Date2019-04-13

TwitchCon 2019 in Berlin, Germany will be hosting a Twitch Rivals event live! Twitch Rivals is Twitch's tournament series that features Twitch streamers competing against each other. The official name of this tournament is "The Road to TwitchCon Europe" and it starts on the Twitch Rivals official Twitch channel on March 26 at 12 PM Eastern with the Apex Legends Challenge.

The finals of the event dubbed the "Apex Legends Challenge Finals will take place live at TwitchCon Europe on Saturday, the 13th of April.



The event is going to feature streamers from all over North America and Europe. A full list of participants will be announced soon.


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