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Polar Ace

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March 14th, 2019, the organization announced multiple Apex Legends rosters with players, '''[[MrSkit]]''', '''[[HillKill]]''', and '''[[Logicly]]''' joining for squad Black. ; '''[[SGHarpo]]''', '''[[KRYPTO]]''', and '''[[iZondy]]''' joining for squad Purple. ; '''[[Rsky]]''', '''[[Rabid]]''', and '''[[Benson]]''' joining for squad Orange.
==Team Achievements==
<center>{{TeamResults|Polar Ace Esports}}</center>
'''As Polar Ace Black:'''
<center>{{TeamResults|Polar Ace Black}}</center>
'''As Polar Ace Purple:'''
<center>{{TeamResults|Polar Ace Purple}}</center>
'''As Polar Ace Orange:'''
<center>{{TeamResults|Polar Ace Orange}}</center>
== Media ==

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