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Riddle Esports

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Riddle Esports
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Riddle Esports is a Norwegian esports club currently competing in Apex Legends. The club competes in other titles such as Smash, League, PUBG and CS:GO. They also partner with streamers. Their official Apex Legends roster was announced on March 20th, 2019.[1]



  • 2019

Player Roster

  • Current
  • Former
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
Date Left Player Role New Team
04/2019 Norway Pjeh Player
04/2019 Sweden Noth Player
04/2019 Sweden Taylor Player


  • Current
  • Former
Real Name IGN Position
 Norway  Mohammed Barzinje      Owner/Founder   
 Norway  Thomas Andresen      Head of Marketing   
 Norway  Jan-Egil Roll      Partner   
 Norway  Mariell Fjeld Engelsjord      Community Manager   
Norway Lars Tollefsen Lars Head of Content

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Prize Roster
2019-04-17 Gold2.png APEX.PRO EU Season 2 $ PjehNothTaylor
2019-04-03 7th APEX.PRO EU Season 1 $ PjehNothTaylor


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