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NRG Esports

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NRG Esports
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Team Information
LocationUnited States
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NRG Esports is a North American esports organization, known for its teams in various game titles. On February 11th, the organization entered Apex Legends by signing phenomenon Dizzy, one of the most popular players at the early stages of the competitive scene.



  • 2019
  • February 12th, organization enters Apex Legends. Dizzy joins.
  • March 6th, Ace joins.
  • May 17th, Mohr joins.[1]

Player Roster

  • Current
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
02/2019 USA Dizzy Coby Meadows Player
02/2019 USA KingRichard Richard Nelson Player
03/2019 USA Ace Brandon Winn Player
05/2019 USA Mohr Marshall Mohr Player


  • Current
Real Name IGN Position
 USA  Andy Miller      Chairman/Co-Founder   

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Prize Roster
2019-05-23 Bronze2.png Code Red Apex Legends - 05/23 $ 500 dizzyAceuMohr
2019-04-13 Gold2.png Apex Legends Challenge Finals 2019/Qualifier 2 $ KingRichardDizzyAce
2019-04-13 Silver2.png Apex Legends Challenge Finals 2019 $ 41,600 dizzyKingRichardAce
2019-03-30 Silver2.png Faceit logo small.pngT1 x FACEIT Apex Legends Invitational $ 5,000 DizzyAceMendokusaii
2019-03-26 Bronze2.png [[]] $ 5,250 KingRicharddizzyAce


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