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Liquid Apex: Solo Tournament

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Liquid Apex: Solo Tournament
Liquix Apex Proving Grounds.jpg
League Information
OrganizerLiquid Apex
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNorth America
Start Date2019-08-17
End Date2019-08-18

The Liquid Apex: Solo Tournament is an Apex Legends tournament organized by Liquid Apex.


The August 17th solo tournament is free entry and open to anyone exlcusive to PC players. The top 16 players will move onto August 18th's main tournament.

This tournament is for solo sign-ups only, and will be utilizing Apex Legends' newest limited time game mode "Apex Solo Iron Crown Event".


Format for August 17th Qualifiers

  • Play as many “Solo Apex” games as possible within 3 hours (4pm-7pm EST).
  • Each time player wins a game, you receive 6 points.
  • Each time player kills an enemy, you receive 1 point.
  • At the end of the 3 hours, total up how many points recieved, and best 7 games have to be submitted. (For example, if player managed to play 10 games within the 3 hours, only submit the top 7 highest scoring games).
  • The top 16 highest scoring players will be invited to play on August 18th’s tournament, which will be shoutcasted on the Team Liquid's Twitch.

Format for August 18th Main Event

  • Players will play head-to-head in a double elimination style bracket
  • 3 matches per series in the winners bracket
  • 2 matches per series in the losers bracket
  • The player to accumulate the most points in the series will move onto the next opponent.
  • Each time player wins a game, they receive 6 points.
  • Each time player kills an enemy, they receive 1 point.

Prize Pool

USD 500 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Player
Gold.png 1st $350 Spain ChiKencio
Silver.png 2nd $150 Ukraine stanjke
Bronze.png 3rd USA randomdudex


Player Team
USA Beans Crescent Esportslogo std.png Crescent Esports
Spain ChiKencio Logo std2.png Vassaks
Poland Denzaay Logo std2.png SJP2
USA forcee Pro F/A
USA Ham Oceanus Gaminglogo std.png Oceanus Gaming
Poland Jacuu SORTlogo std.png SORT
Sweden maydeelol SUCCUBUSlogo std.png SUCCUBUS
United Kingdom nOOK Pro F/A
Russia Own3dq Pro F/A
USA Promo_z Pro F/A
USA randomdudex LOVE Gaminglogo std.png LOVE Gaming
Poland Siebakk SORTlogo std.png SORT
USA SingularityCS Pro F/A
Ukraine stanjke Pro F/A
USA trillaGus Impact Gaminglogo std.png Impact Gaming
Russia Yuraah Pro F/A


Winners Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  Yuraah 20
  stanjke 31
  stanjke 63
  trillaGus 48
  trillaGus 42
  Siebakk 23
  stanjke 22
  Denzaay 9
  nOOK 37
  Denzaay 45
  Denzaay 57
  Promo_z 20
  Promo_z 41
  Beans 14
  maydeelol 22
  forcee 46
  forcee 43
  ChiKencio 56
  SingularityCS 43
  ChiKencio 51
  ChiKencio 42
  Jacuu 20
  Jacuu 39
  randomdudex 35
  Jacuu 51
  Own3dq 32
  Own3dq 29
  Ham 29

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
  Own3dq 24
  Yuraah 37
  Yuraah 48   Denzaay 21
  Siebaak 35   Yuraah 27
  Yuraah 33
  nOOK 25
  force 13
  nOOK 21
  nOOk 26
  Beans 14
  Promo_z 17
  maydeelol 26
  SingularityCS 29   Jacuu 9
  SingularityCS 37   SingularityCS 18
  randomdudex 18
  randomdudex 20
  trillaGus 22
  randomdudex 6
  randomdudex 41
  Ham 0

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  stanjke 29
  ChiKencio 51
  ChiKencio 50
  stanjke 47
  stanjke 35
From Losers Bracket
  randomdudex 20
  Yuraah 23
  randomdudex 42

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