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LVUP OPEN: Apex Legends Pre-Season

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LVUP OPEN: Apex Legends Pre-Season #1
LVLUP OPEN Apex Legends Pre-Season 1.png
League Information
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerSouth Korea
Start Date2019-07-09
End Date2019-07-10

The LVUP OPEN: Apex Legends Pre-Season #1 is a Korean Apex Legends tournament organized by LVLUP.


  • Up to 256 teams can join.
    • Teams will play in a Single Elimination bracket system.
      • Brackets are randomly determined.
      • Each match team can play for 50 minutes to acquire 2 best matches to submit.
  • Points
    • Players are awarded 1 point per kill.
    • Players will receive points according to placement as seen in the table below.
      • If 17 or less players are in the lobby, points are not rewarded.
        • In case of a tie, the winner will be declared through the most total damage done, or through the most survival time.
Placement (per game)
Place 20 Squads 19 Squads 18 Squads
1st 10 Pts 6 Pts 4 Pts
2nd 6 Pts 5 Pts 3 Pts
3rd 5 Pts 4 Pts 2 Pts
4th 4 Pts 3 Pts 1 Pts
5th 3 Pts 2 Pts -
6th 2 Pts 1 Pts -
7th 1 Pts - -
8th 0 Pts - -

Prize Pool

KRW 3,000,000 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png BUMPER CAR
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png GO-JAE-HYUK
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png I am iron man
Copper.png 4th Justice Esportslogo std.png Justice Esports
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Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Logo std2.png A7 Gaming
Logo std2.png Anarchy
Logo std2.png BUMPER CAR
Logo std2.png Cyma
Logo std2.png Evolve KR
Logo std2.png ExG
Logo std2.png ExG Gold
Logo std2.png GO-JAE-HYUK
Logo std2.png I am iron man
Logo std2.png IDK
Logo std2.png Inherit
Justice Esportslogo std.png Justice Esports
Logo std2.png R4ng
Logo std2.png Spear Gaming
Logo std2.png Team Quadro
Logo std2.png WGS
Logo std2.png WORLD CLASS
Logo std2.png WyV
Logo std2.png eternal


  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals

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