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Copenhagen Games

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Copenhagen Games
Copenhagen Games.png
League Information
OrganizerCopenhagen Games
SponsorCity of Copenhagen
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2019-04-17
End Date2019-04-20

The Copenhagen Games is an Offline Apex Legends tournament organized by the City of Copenhagen.


  • Group Stage:
    • Singe Elimination
    • All matches are Best of 2 until the finale which is Best of 5.
    • All matches have a 1 hour time window, the finals will have a time window of 3 hours.
    • Each kill gives 1 point, each win will give 5 points.

Prize Pool

DKK 20,000 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png listerine boyz
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png Toppen Esport
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png Kaosklan
Copper.png 4th Logo std2.png FaxeHus


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  north 114
  listerine boyz 124
  listerine boyz W
  faxehus FF
  faxehus 42
  south harbor 25
  listerine boyz 304
  toppen esport 259
  Toppen Esport 107
  skovbuusen 10
  Toppen Esport 89
  kaosklan 48
  kaosklan W
  dig bick banditos L

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