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Apex On DLive Tournament 2

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Apex On DLive Tournament 2
League Information
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
Start Date2019-03-02
End Date2019-03-02

The Apex On DLive Tournament 2 is an Apex Legends tournament organized by DLive. The Qualifier took place on February 23rd, with the Finals happening one week later.


  • 20 Participants:
    • Top 10 teams from the Qualifier
    • Top 5 most popular teams
    • 5 invited teams
  • Teams will compete in a 2 hour time window, trying to get as most points as possible.
  • Points awarded:
    • 1 point per each kill
    • 10 points for match victory
  • Teams may not leave a game at any time during the 2 hour window.
  • Intentionally dying or suiciding to exit a game is not allowed.

Prize Pool

USD 10,000 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $4,500 Logo std2.png Impulse 9impulseAzeepkmk
Silver.png 2nd $1,200 Logo std2.png Team Kephrii JP2KephriiTeenage
Bronze.png 3rd $600 Logo std2.png FPS Macroers flowercat420KudosOuOZonsokun
Copper.png 4th $300 Logo std2.png AllPlanned AsuraxXOsnazeniwSerious
Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 FrexsGregoPVPX
Logo std2.png Officials DubisTVJazzyJSWOLZ
Logo std2.png Win Condition LyricOnTwitchMarksmanTennp0
Logo std2.png Hit Or Miss AeonfreddoTuniGG
9th $150 Team Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid CasperFlankerRogue (Tanner Trebb)
Logo std2.png Wingman Winrate JonJonRykooXenial
Logo std2.png Fragulations BambKINGchiefReligionMeggsey
Logo std2.png Senzawa gravelman1337M_BunaOddwen
Logo std2.png UMYHU SE A JDU DavsaMikenWasTakenRadekH1Z1
Logo std2.png Bunker Boys MimuretteZerotsu
Logo std2.png DroppinDeez MunkieSickPlayTripeezy
Logo std2.png KKona HYPERCLAP IamTrevorMayJay3Lassiz
Noble Esportslogo std.png Noble Esports BlitziiNxDzurvmikeysnipey
Logo std2.png Bots HunchoJamesNoahFromYoutubeTuPro
Logo std2.png Apex Özel Harekat JagraelPaximPlayer53
Logo std2.png Oguncnn Team C2leeOguncnnTUNAJUL


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Schedule & VODs

Game Schedule
Round Match Date PST EST CET KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Highlights Discussion
Competition Competition 2019-03-02 10:00 13:00 19:00 03:00 -- -- -



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