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Apex Legends Challenge 2019 Rematch/North America

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Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge Rematch 2019
League Information
SponsorTwitch Prime
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA


Prize Pool

USD 75000 is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $8,000 Logo std2.png King's Canyon MendokusaiidizzyKingRichard
Silver.png 2nd $6,250 Logo std2.png Vince with Slap Chop AlexJJGaRpYHELL
Bronze.png 3rd $6,250 Logo std2.png Full Trihard OverpoweredAimbotcalvinm0xyy
Copper.png 4th $6,250 Logo std2.png TripleFlankSteph FlankerFemStephtripleWRECK
5th $6,250 Logo std2.png VissRespect the Kraft DrDisrespectVissKraftyy
6th $4,500 Logo std2.png The Broys shroudSkadoodlejust9n
7th $4,500 Logo std2.png League of legends imaqtpie
8th $4,500 Logo std2.png Handsome Men Modeling School AlfredoPlaysRoidsImMadness
9th $4,500 Logo std2.png Ava's Angels AvaDougisRawTannerSlays
10th $4,500 Logo std2.png Reid's Money Team onscreenCyanideSuntouch
11th $4,500 Logo std2.png Team Roast mzQQQYuuki60Jbzzed
12th $2,750 Logo std2.png CHAD9'S PVPXGregoChad
13th $2.750 Logo std2.png PepeHands CrReaMuLeeTHelllerr
14th $2,750 Logo std2.png Potato of the Month Club Anthony KongphanTayderTot
15th $2,750 Logo std2.png Apex Legends of The Hidden Temple [[]] • JanispajKK
16th $,1000 Logo std2.png TTV BTW Bnans


Award Prize(USD) Team
Wins 1,000 Team Degliddei
Kills 1,000 Team Degliddei
Damage 1,000 Team Degliddei


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Logo std2.png TTV BTW
Logo std2.png Reid's Money Team
Logo std2.png Team Roast


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