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APEX.PRO North America League - Season 1

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APEX.PRO North America League - Season 1
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League Information
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2019-03-07
End Date2019-03-15

APEX.PRO North America League - Season 1 is an Apex Legends tournament organized by the APEX.PRO discord.


  • 6 rounds played each day
  • Point System
    • 1st Place= 100% of scrim teams in game
    • 2nd Place= 50% of scrim teams in game
    • 3rd Place=33% of scrim teams in game
  • Schedule
    • Monday: 6:30pm GMT - 10:30pm GMT
    • Wednesday: 6:30pm GMT - 10:30pm GMT
    • Friday: 6:30pm GMT - 10:30pm GMT
    • Saturday: 3:00pm GMT - 7:00pm GMT


USD is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Tempo Stormlogo std.png Tempo Storm DcopZeerociousEtheriia
Silver.png 2nd Team SoloMidlogo std.png Team SoloMid ImperialHalProdigyAcesTHump
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png NAGANO1998 radekMikenDavsa
Copper.png 4th Logo std2.png Dreamteam LosidoMoosehelping
5th T1logo std.png T1 KurtBcJzerg


Top 10

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

T1logo std.png T1
Logo std2.png Fiji
Logo std2.png Go Next
Logo std2.png roleplayers
Logo std2.png elo guardians

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